New Brake Pads Still Squeaky


I just had my pads replaced at Christmas on an '06 Malibu. They are still squeaking and seem to be getting worse. They stop fine but I'm wondering if I should be concerned. Anyone have any advice?

Erin from Baton Rouge, LA



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By LuvMyGingerKids 46 316 02/29/2008

Don't mess with brakes -- call the mechanic who installed them.

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By Dave 3 88 02/29/2008

I agree you should double check with the mechanic, but I am betting they installed a type (I think they are semi-metallic) that will make noise for a while until they really break in. I assume your city is fairly humid which will also make some brakes make noise.

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By Steve (Guest Post) 03/03/2008

Semi-metallic pads DO tend to "squeak" at first. Generally, brake shops are supposed to add an anti-squeak compound to the back of the pads, but a lot of them don't mainly because the compound (similar to silicon) is very messy. I do all of my own mechanical work on my vehicles and I rarely if ever use the compound as well. Occasionally, the brakes squeak at first, but always goes away after the pads are well broke in. To help break them in faster, I pump the pedal, then I get going about 20 mph or so and then slam on the brakes. I do this a few times. My brother is a master automotive technician and he gave me that advice. Just make sure, if you try this, that your in a safe area and no one is behind you! If all else fails or you don't want to try this, take your car back to whom ever installed the brakes to get rid of the problem..

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By Lisa Manning 1 03/04/2008

My father has installed my brakes for years. I complained once that my brakes were squeeking. He told me that new brakes sometimes did that if you didn't apply enough anti-squeek compound on the new brakes.
I then watched him remove both brakes from my car and apply a second layer of duct tape. I must have had a weird look on my face because he looked at me and shrugged his shoulders, "Same thing."

Never squeeked again.

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By elva (Guest Post) 03/06/2008

I have had brake job done on my cars alot and i have never heard them squeaky. I would take them backe to the mechanic and have them apply the lube that comes with the brakes pad, I had a mechanic to tell me once, that I did not need it, but I insisted that he apply it.

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By Angie (Guest Post) 03/12/2008

Hey! Same problem but i would check with the mechanic but me and my dad did them! All i know is it's getting very very annoying! Any advice?

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By hasan karim 01/09/2010

Same problem here, last week got new pads on all 4 brakes on the 06 Malibu. They've been squeaking since then. I took it back today, and the mechanic said that new pads on all rotors take time for them to gel together and that the squeaking will eventually just stop. They assured me the sound may be annoying, but the brakes are safe. I think someone else here said the same thing as my mechanic. Mechanic also said that its harder for them to gel when its cold out.

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