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What are some good games to play with lots of people? (Around 25-50 people)

Misty from Ohio



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By Vanessa (Guest Post) 04/18/2008

*Scavenger Hunt is good.
*Memory game: Put various items on a tray, let them look for 10 seconds then take it away. Have them list everything they saw. The person with the most correct answers, wins.
(The link above has some good games for 10-30 people)
*Bingo (you can create your own bingo cards)
*Bobbing for Apples
*Operator: First person whispers a sentence in the next person's ear, then that person whispers what they heard in the next person's ear and so on. What comes out at the end is hilarious!
*http://tinyurl.com/5rawsq (Link to Party Game Central)

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By Sheila 65 55 04/19/2008

Taboo ... is a great group game. You play in teams Its fun to watch everyone playing it. You can buy it at most dept stores. Probably will work best with 6 to 14 people.

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By Laurie (Guest Post) 04/21/2008

Try partygamecentral.com - it has a lot of games for large or small groups - indoor or outdoor & even according to ages.

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By Mary Koehler 8 270 04/21/2008

Two great games are variations of bingo:
REVERSE BINGO: Everyone is given a Bingo card. They all stand up while numbers are called out. If one of their numbers is called they must sit down and the last one standing is the winner
HUMAN BINGO: A good party mixer game. Write HUMAN BINGO in Google, an explanation will come up. You can change the example cards to suit your group as to age, interests, etc.

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By Allison 1 11/22/2009

Ok, this game is seriously fun and super easy Blind-folded musical chairs.
Even if people don't want to play, they will have an absolute blast laughing at everyone else.
One person is the dj, everyone else is a chair hunter. The dj starts the music and then moves the chairs around. Everyone else has blindfolds on and they just circle the room. when the music stops they have to find there chair.
It is fun from 100 people, to just 3 :)

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