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Uses for Empty Tic Tac Containers


How can I reuse a Tic Tac container?

By Isabel from Santa Ana


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By Marty Dick 163 959 05/27/2010

Store small things like paper clips buttons etc. You can also use them to take a few days of a prescription on a trip. They will fit in your purse. You can roll thread around a folded piece of paper and carry a needle and a few buttons for and emergency sewing kit.

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By Keeper 58 1,056 05/27/2010

I bought one of those"eye glasses"repair kit at Dollar General.It has different size tiny screws, extra nose pads etc. Everything fits great and secure.

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By jamie 17 08/03/2010

My mom loves those for storing tiny beads and safety pins, etc.

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By Melanie 1 7 01/15/2011

Using it for meds is ok, just as along they aren't narcotics. Narcotics must be stored in the container from the pharmacy. I was doing this too and should've known better (I'm a nurse) so I called my sheriff's dept. and they gave me the scoop.

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You can fill them with dried seeds and tiny trinkets for a find it game. You can even add water, food dye, glitter, sand and small beads for an aquarium.

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Tips for reusing those plastic containers that tic tac breath mints come in.

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