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Hot Sauce for Roaches

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I had a professional pest control service come treat my home for roaches. I told him that I had been using hot sauce and water in a spray bottle. He had me use it against his stuff and it worked almost as fast.

He said if I had started using it when the roaches first appeared, I wouldn't be having this problem. So a word to the wise, use this early and every day and save money!

By smathis123 from Murray, KY


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By Evelyn Mayer [2]09/28/2010

Does the spray stain the woodwork?

By scarlett mathis [7]09/28/2010

I just used a brand of hot sauce from Save-a-Lot. I mixed around 1/4 cup of sauce in a spray bottle and filled with water. I sprayed on roaches and any place they could be hiding. Good luck!

By Lauren09/24/2010

How do you use it? Do you spray it around floorboards, etc. the way a pest-control company would pesticide?

By elva [1]09/24/2010

What kind of hot sauce did you use?

By audi [2]09/23/2010

What kind of hot sauce did you use? Because some have red dye in them.

By Sandi09/23/2010

How much hot sauce to how much water?

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