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Rust Stains on White Clothing


Does anyone know how to get rust stains out of (white) clothing?

By hammaoftwo from Knoxville, TN


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By Robin F 1 05/30/2009

I have been able to get out rust stains using old-fashioned rust remover. It comes in a rust-colored small plastic squeeze container. White lettering. May not be with the laundry aids, but in the cleaning section...most often used to clean rust stains on toilets, sinks, and tubs. It is very caustic, so use carefully and read the directions. If it doesn't give info on fabric stains, then I believe that squirting some on full strength is what I did, but didn't let it soak long. My mother-in-law likes to use it in her white laundry loads because our water is so high in iron, that it helps keep her whites bright. Good luck!

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By margaret spurlock 4 27 06/03/2009

Yes there is a little brown bottle called rust remover you can get it at Walmart or if you have a Brookshires
and it works. I use it all the time. All have u do is squirt it on the rust stain and you will see it go before your eyes.

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By Sandy 6 128 06/03/2009

I use a product from the laundry aisle called Whink Rust Remover. It works like magic. Seriously, you can just apply a tiny squirt and watch the rust dissapear. I just used it yesterday on my front porch carpeting. My darling husband left our snow shovel on the carpet this winter and I just squirted a tiny bit on and watched the rust literally dissapear. I know, small minds are easily amused. LOL I did rinse it off with the hose after. It works on concrete too, and I keep a bottle with my laundry supplies. It rins about $6 for an 8 ounce brown colored bottle. You won't be dissapointed.

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By Rita Murray 1 26 06/03/2009

I would try peroxide. It does great on dried blood so it might take out rust.

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By Kay 22 53 06/03/2009

You can saturate the rust spots with lemon juice, place the articles outside in the sun with the rust spots facing up toward the sun and the spots will be bleached out by the combination of lemon juice and sun. This is a tried & true home remedy that works.

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By sarah 32 16 11/19/2009

I use bar keepers friend. Try it first on a tiny spot don't rub too hard you can get a hole in material. Best to you.

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Archive: Rust Stains on White Clothing

I need to get rust out of white clothes?

Rita from Pinckney, MI


RE: Rust Stains on White Clothing

The old fashioned way was lemon juice and salt and lay out in the sun. However just a squirt of "The Works" toilet bowl cleaner takes out rust, just watch what you get it on. (10/30/2008)

By skeetercat

RE: Rust Stains on White Clothing

I use a product called Carbona. I get mine at JoAnn fabrics but have seen the product in some grocery stores and pharmacies. or 1-800-carbona. They have several different ones to get out various stains. I really like the product. (10/31/2008)

By Rasta

Iron Out

If this happens often (like it did in my washing machine from my old apartment), you can wash your clothes with "Iron Out". I think I found it at Ace Hardware in the laundry detergent aisle. It prevents the stains, as well as removing them. (11/03/2008)

By Jess

RE: Rust Stains on White Clothing

Get a product called "Rust Stain Remover", found at Ace Hardware. It's a miracle. I always have it in my cupboard and in the bag I take with me when I clean houses. It will remove rust from anything, clothing, counters, sinks, anything. I've been using it for over 30 years after it took rust stains out of my daughter's white painter pants that got left in the washer too long. I don't know if anyone else sells it but I know Ace does. I've never had it fail me and it's never ruined anything. (11/19/2008)

By Kacky

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