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Our church is going to be in the Christmas parade and we are using the theme "In Remembrance of Jesus", any ideas on decorations for a float? Our youth are the ones that are going to be in it and we have a small number that will be in it. We have been thinking about using a manger scene and then having Jesus with a cross and some followers. This is like going from the manger to the cross. So any ideas would be appreciated. We only have 3 weeks to get it all finished.

Lora from Evarts, KY


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By Cheryl from Missouri (Guest Post) 11/17/2005

How about, "Kids need a stable upbringing."

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By Louise 7 96 11/18/2005

When I still lived in Illinois, I attended a large Missouri Synod Lutheran Church. There were two large Christmas trees at both ends of the altar and for the 4:30 p.m. Christmas Eve service, neither one was lit. The minister's sermon was the usual Christmas Eve sermon, but at the very end, he said " I want you to remember just one thing, folks, you cannot have this (he then gestured towards one of trees which then lit up from top to bottom with beautiful white and gold lights) without also having this, he then gestured towards the other tree which was then lit up in the shape of a cross.

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By Kelli (Guest Post) 12/03/2005

Hey Laura, I'm from Ky as well, we used that same
theme 2ys ago. On the signs on each side of the float we put "From the manger to the Cross" and then we had a manger scene and then a big wooden
cross my husband made from cedar, then we made
a grapevine wreath and hung it on the cross to represent the crown of thorns, put red lights around it to represent Jesus's blood that was shed. I hope this helps and God Bless Kelli any other questions about this email klovemherring @ bellsouth.net (remove spaces)

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By Samantha (Guest Post) 10/31/2006

Our church did a float last Christmas and we had a manager scene and but the thing that touched many peoples hearts was that we had the two thieves on the cross on the end of the float. Also, we had behind the float the guards that beat Jesus and jesus carrying his cross. The cross had a wheel on the bottom to make it easier to carry.

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