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Growing Cherry Trees in Texas


How do you grow cherry trees in Texas from seeds? How do you prep the seeds?

Hardiness Zone: 8a

By Lacinda from Decatur, TX


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By mariannette 1 06/10/2010

According to Texas A&M University, few areas of Texas have a suitable cold period for growing sweet cherries. Most cherries grown in Texas are the sour or pie variety that are grown in the north. It is just too warm to grow cherries in Texas. Most cherry trees require 40 F or below in order to bloom and set fruit. It can be fun to grow fruit trees from the seeds of fruit we eat from the store, but the reality is if you were to grow the plant from seed, there would be no fruit until 5-7years after germination of the seed. The likelihood of the fruit being similar to the one you ate would be NIL, because most fruit trees are hybrids.

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What kind of cherry trees grow in Texas?

By Nicole from TX

RE: Growing Cherry Trees in Texas

Escarpment Black Cherry is online, it will grow in TX. Also call a nursery or some place that sell trees, good luck. (03/19/2010)

By kffrmw88

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