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Western Themed Cub Scout Banquet Ideas

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I have 6 year old Cub Scouts and I have been tasked with finding a song that they can sing while riding toy horses. The banquet also has a western theme. Does anyone have some ideas for cheap decorations? Thanks.

By Jill from PA


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By Deborah [9]01/07/2011

Hey there, what fun! I have the perfect song for the young boys with their high voices yet wanting to sound like the bigger boys. Try "Cattle Call" by Eddy Arnold, or Ed Arnold, the one that later became the star of Green Acres. He was a great country singer as well. He and LeAnn Rimes sang this song together on one of her albums as well. The parents will hold it dear forever! Let me know if you use the song, would you please?

By Linda L. [82]01/07/2011

Happy Trails to You, or Tumbling Tumbleweeds. I once did TT in a school play with castenets to mimic the sound of hooves.

By jill [8]01/07/2011

Thank you! I could not think of any songs at all. This will be perfect. Jill

By AvaElizabeth [5]01/07/2011

They could sing Home Home on the Range. Also the dollar stores have plenty of items for decorations-also check Goodwill or the Salvation Army stores.

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