Cub Scout Banquet Decorations

July 16, 2008

three scoutsFor my son's Blue and Gold Cub Scout Banquet we needed to make a centerpiece that reflected both the B and G theme as well as the fact that they were tiger cubs.


I purchased a variety of flower pots, 2 larger pots (there were 2 tables) and one each of 3 different sized smaller pots for each boy in the den. One was the largest of the smaller pots available, one was the 2nd to the smallest I could find, and 2 each were the smallest I could find. I painted them all white (as the paint kept bleeding when I tried without doing this) then painted every pot orange except the medium small pots which I left white.

I hot glued the pots together to make them look like little tigers. Then I had the boys paint their own stripes on the tigers, and glue on the google eyes.

We stuffed the bottoms of the medium pots with floral foam, then stuck 12 inch dowel rods which my son and I painted metallic blue and pearlized yellow into each. We then stuck each tiger head into blue and yellow craft sand that we used to fill the 2 larger pots that were also painted with the blue and yellow paint.

They turned out great, however my camera didn't work very well when I tried to get a picture of them. They were really cute. And the boys had a blast making them.

By Freemommy from Shakopee, MN

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February 15, 2006

I need ideas for the Cub Scouts Blue and Gold banquet table centerpieces. Any help?

Foofy from Cranberry Township, PA


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February 9, 20050 found this helpful


I am in need of an idea for centerpieces for a Blue and Gold DInner Banquet for Cub/Boy scouts? Any ideas?

Laura Lange


RE: Centerpieces from Blue and Gold Dinner Banquet


guest (Guest Post)
we used can goods to create a birthday cake. THe canned goods all had blue and gold (yellow) labels. We then took 75 pencils and taped construction paper flames to each pencil. almost every pencil had a badge, emblem, or some representation of cub scouting. the canned foods and pencils were donate to the church's social ministry. It was different, was not thrown away, and easy to do.

RE: Centerpieces from Blue and Gold Dinner Banquet
guest (Guest Post)
we used can goods to create a birthday cake. THe canned goods all had blue and gold (yellow) labels. We then took 75 pencils and taped construction paper flames to each pencil. almost every pencil had a badge, emblem, or some representation of cub scouting. the canned foods and pencils were donate to the church's social ministry. It was different, was not thrown away, and easy to do.


RE: Centerpieces from Blue and Gold Dinner Banquet
Laurie (Guest Post)
I am a new mom to the cub scouts. My son is a Tiger cub this year. I just made the center pieces for our banquet last night. I bought some blue juice glasses. In the bottom of the glasses I placed those decorative gems (blue of course) . I added some fake blue and gold flowers with some greenery. I then added a yellow neckerchief (made out of felt) to each of the glasses. I used a blue ribbon wrapped around the blue neckerchief ends which I hot glued to the felt. They turned out adorable yet add a touch of class to such a special occasion.

RE: Centerpieces from Blue and Gold Dinner Banquet
Post by Suzanne Spencer
Hey, I'm a mother of a Cub Scout. And I'm all with you on the candy bars as weigh downs for blue, whit and gold balloons and streamers. ANd the campfire idea for a centerpiece is adorable. But I really have to say that getting champagne or any other alcohol related glass or product should be a BIG no-no. Do we really want to tell the kids that the only way to have a big party is to provide booze? We can pretend that isn't the message we would be sending, but if we look back to our parents and grandparents I think we'd all see that we were raised to see the same pattern. Parties = alcohol. Why start them this young? Just a thought from a concerned Mom. Thanks.


RE: Centerpieces from Blue and Gold Dinner Banquet
m. paler (Guest Post)
We painted boxes gold and set them on blue table cloths. We put pictures of the cubs taken throughout the year on the sides of the gold boxes. On top we put a small pile of blue crumpled shredded paper. On top of that we showcased pinewood derby cars and tied balloons to them. A VERY cheap centerpiece.

RE: Centerpieces from Blue and Gold Dinner Banquet
Terri (Guest Post)
I purchased a box of plastic champagne glasses a the dollar store, and a box of gold party hats and noisemakers, also for $1.00. I cut off the "noise maker end" of the noisemakers, and hot glued the gold pieces between the base and the cup of the champagne glasses. I put blue and gold ribbon and curled it around the top of the base, and small blue and gold flowers wrapped around the base bottom (44 cents a bunch) . I filled the cups with blue glass stones, and curled blue and gold ribbon. This may seem like a lot, but it wasn't. All this took very little time, was inexpensive and looks great!


RE: Centerpieces from Blue and Gold Dinner Banquet
Post by Kayla
Do you not have the theme yet?

RE: Centerpieces from Blue and Gold Dinner Banquet
Post by Ronda
Our Pack uses helium filled latex balloons weighted with chocolate bars. The table size will determine how many balloons to use. We have round tables that seat 6 to 8. We use 3 blue and 2 gold balloons per table. The blue balloons have gold streamers and the gold have blue streamers. We wrap the chocolate bars with something that says something like the year or a Cub Scout saying. On each table we place something on the bottom of one of the chairs that says "You have won the centerpiece as a door prize". We buy our balloons prepackaged at our local Dollar Discount store and they inflate them for us. Last year our total cost for centerpieces was about $40.00.

RE: Centerpieces from Blue and Gold Dinner Banquet
Michele (Guest Post)
Go to They have some things for blue and gold dinners.

RE: Centerpieces from Blue and Gold Dinner Banquet
Donna (Guest Post)
I have had fun using colored shredded mylar in the colors needed in footed goblets or slender vases for centerpieces with floating candles or flowers for center pieces. rose bowls, wine or water glasses/with stems etc. the shredded mylar colors the clear glass containers to the desired theme and adds sparkle, also inexpensive are soup cans or jars covered with fabric gathered around the top and tied with ribbon or raffia, with flowers or candles make festive tables on a tight budget. hope this sparks some ideas for you. have fun!

RE: Centerpieces from Blue and Gold Dinner Banquet
Marn (Guest Post)
* Centerpieces: use different camping supplies that scouts might use on their camping trips;
(i.e. lanterns)

* Centerpieces: camp fires - sticks piled up or a little rock fire pit on each table with a candle or tee-light candle in the center.

* Centerpieces: cut flannel into squares and put pine cones and little stuffed bears, moose, rabbits, etc... on them.

You also may want to type and printout the Scout Oath and use that in your centerpieces too.

Hope this helps.

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February 16, 20060 found this helpful

Our pack always has a theme & then the centerpieces & any activities & decorations & favors focus on that theme. It is usually tied in w/ the theme of resident camp to get the boys in the spirit for both the blue-gold & resident camp. Sort of carry the theme thru the year. Our blue-gold is February & resident camp is summer or course.

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By Sue (Guest Post)
February 21, 20060 found this helpful

I am looking for suggestion's on making a centerpiece. My son is in the Tigers, and we are having our blue and gold dinner. We would like to use a tiger theme. I would appreciate any idea's on how to do this.

Thank you

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By Anne (guest psot) (Guest Post)
March 17, 20060 found this helpful

I am using old pop cans filled with sand or cat litter.Cut fabric blue and gold cotton the same size as a cloth dinner napkins. Form around the pop can and use blue and gold ribbon. ( i am doing blue fabric and yellow ribbon. Each can will have the Scout Law on it. I got a gold and blue metalic streamer on a wire to come out of the top of the can. you have to bend the wire so it's not to top heavy. they look really cool. Good Luck""

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By jill b (Guest Post)
February 6, 20070 found this helpful

For the tiger mom looking for ideas: our tiger den last year had an arrangment of 'Tiger Lilies' as their centerpiece.

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By Lisa Claus, Asst. Cub Master Pack 120 Hamburg, PA (Guest Post)
January 6, 20080 found this helpful

Last year was my first year to plan a blue and gold banquet. Our theme last year was aloha and I purchased recipe card holders from Oriental Trade Company. The card holders were a monkey wrapped around a palm tree. These were very cheap and it was a great thank you gift for all our scout moms'

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January 26, 20080 found this helpful

We purchase one dollar store gift for each den for table decor (luau = gecko/future=rocket...). At the end of the banquet we draw names to see who from each den takes home the centerpiece. For the other tables we covered styrofoam rings with blue and gold crepe paper. We then made paper signs attached to coffee stirrers and stuck them into the rings (luau=wish you were here postcards from hawaii and scrapbook stickers with birds and hula dancers/future=3-2-1 blastoff with scouting with pictures of rockets and robots. The rings can be reused and paper is very cheap!! We also added decorative star wire (my hubby calls it Christmas razor wire) in gold and blue.

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February 9, 20080 found this helpful

For Xmas this year we made ornaments using the candy molds found at the Scout Shop (They have cub, boy, and eagle scout emblems on one sheet) and plaster of paris. Then we painted them and gave them to several of our scouting friends. For the centerpieces, we have hot glued some of these to painted craft sticks and worked them into silk arrangements. It works great, and is extremely inexpensive to do. We made over 800 ornaments this year for less than $0.05 a piece.

You can also get Fluer De Lis paper punches and make your own confetti to spread across the table.

I like to make flowers our of lollipops and tissue paper. I paint the sticks green and take squares of tissue in different colors, then poke a hole in the middle of the papers and crinkle them up around the candy part of the sucker. Stick these into dry floral foam. For the banuet you can use the theme colors of tissue to make the flowers. Then the boys can pick one to take home as a treat.

Gather several of the wooden die cuts that you find at craft stores. Glue them onto a photo frame that is holding a picture of your den. The die cuts represent different activities that the den has done over the past year. (Camping, fishing, zoo animals, etc.)

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By Rachael W. (Guest Post)
February 18, 20080 found this helpful

Well, I am a Den leader in MD. For our banquet, we do an individual den centerpiece for the boy's table ( in addition to the themed centerpieces at the adult tables). Last year for the Tigers, we did photo cubes, and each boy put some pictures or drawings in the cube from den/pack activitie or favorite scout things/ events. Very easy and after the banquet, each boy has something to take home as a lasting memory!

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February 2, 2006

I am in need of some ideas for cub scout blue and gold banquet decorations with a space or futuristic theme. Does anyone know if the colors need to be blue and gold?

Stephanie from Columbia, MD


February 2, 20060 found this helpful

I don't think the decorations need to be Blue and Gold. That's just the name of the banquet because they are the Cub Scout colors.

Since the banquet is in February it is probably too late to have a unit on those CO2 rockets. You could easily use them for the centerpieces! But maybe you still could do that if the banquet is at the end of the month?

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February 2, 20060 found this helpful

I was a den mother in Cub Scouts when my sons were young. All of our decorations for the Blue and Gold banquet every year were always done in the Blue and Gold colors. We usually had the boys make the decorations at our weekly meetings.

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By Karen, Summerville, SC (Guest Post)
February 3, 20060 found this helpful

If you have a Theme, you do not have to do the Blue & Gold colors unless you want to combine, up to you and your B&G committee. Some themes we had this year was Patriotic, International which the Pack earns their International Badge in doing this one, Blue & Gold, Wilderness or Nature...It depends what your theme is...if it has to do with space ask each den to decorate their individual tables and make a centerpiece with that Theme. But no you don't have to use Blue & Gold if your Theme is differ...I am planning our Blue & Gold at this present time also. Good luck! Karen in Summerville, SC

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By Ruth (Guest Post)
February 9, 20070 found this helpful

Our den needs to make a centerpiece out of recycled materials. Anybody have ideas other than tin can robot?

Editor's Note: Here is a link that has 96 recycled craft ideas. Maybe there is something here that will inspire you.

I was thinking that maybe using the Record Album Bowl with some other recycled things inside of it.

Here is also a link to Centerpiece ideas:

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By Marklyn HAMILTON (Guest Post)
September 26, 20070 found this helpful

We are going with a fiesta theme for the Blue and Gold this year and we need ideas.
Thank you
Marklyn Hamilton
PACK-24 Castalia, OH

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By Luisa (Guest Post)
January 25, 20080 found this helpful

No, the colors do not have to be blue and gold. You can use anything your pack desires. I have seen a lot of nice space crafts on the web.

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By Suzanne Hood (Guest Post)
February 4, 20080 found this helpful

I am looking for feedback on our Blue and Gold Banquet. Our theme is the Chinese New Year - Year of the Rat - 2008. Any ideas? Looking for centerpiece ideas. Thank you.

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By lambert (Guest Post)
February 11, 20080 found this helpful

we are doing chinese new year traditional. centerpieces for the table will be large origami fans made out of cheap floral wrapping paper, plum blossom trees made with fuzzy wire-tissue papper - and styrofoam, tangerines and fortune cookies and goldfish. On the doors we will hang red butcher paper banners with chinese new year greetings. We are making paper lanterns and hanging from wall to wall with string, and dragons made with paper. The dinner is going to be rice with sweet and sour chicken, chinese noodles, carrots and green peppers. we will eat with chop sticks. We have placemats with activities on them and a chinese calendar. We are making another placemat with their name written in chinese.

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By Jennifer (Guest Post)
February 22, 20080 found this helpful

I am looking for Blue and Gold banquet centerpieces ideas for this year. Our theme will be the olympics.

Any ideas?

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January 6, 2011

I have 6 year old Cub Scouts and I have been tasked with finding a song that they can sing while riding toy horses. The banquet also has a western theme. Does anyone have some ideas for cheap decorations? Thanks.

By jill from PA

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