Making Flower Pot People

Flower Pot People made from clay pots.

Terra cotta pots can be used to make cute flower pot people for your garden. This is a guide about making flower pot people.


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Tip: Clay Pot Gal

Clay Pot GalMy good friend Andrea, lives in an apartment. Outside her door is a place she can put a decoration or plant. She had one that "disappeared". She went looking and found it on the floor above her. DH wanted to make this to replace it for her.

The creeping Charlie hat is in a separate container that she can take out to water. The base is a clay saucer filled with colored tumbled glass and marbles that we glue in. The bottom pot is filled with sand for weight. The face pot has a dowel inserted through to the sand and to tie the small rope for the arms. It is a little over a foot tall, maybe 14-16 inches including the plant and artificial flowers.

She liked it so much she is not putting it outside the door, but on her kitchen counter so she can see it every day and remember "how much we spoil her". We are the ones who are blessed to have her friendship in our lives.

By Great Granny Vi from Moorpark, CA

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Question: Making Flower Pot People

In your pot people, how do you get holes in pots?

By buyme from West Enfiel, ME

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By Linda [45] 05/21/2012

Most adobe color type flower pots already have bottom holes. You are just threading the twine/rope through those holes. In fact even the fancy patterned pots already have holes.

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Question: Making a Policeman from Clay Flower Pots

Does anyone have directions for making a police officer from clay/terra cotta pots? I've seen directions for many animals and garden people, but not law enforcement. Thanx.

By Geri

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Here are instructions for making a terra cotta pot man. You could paint the pots blue and make whatever other adjustments are needed to make him look like a policeman.

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Flowerpot Gardener Taking a Rest

Terra cotta flowerpot man sitting on garden bench

Photo Description
This scenario takes place outside my patio door. When the screen door is in use, we can hear the soothing water falling from the watering can.

Photo Location
my house

By Carole Palmer H. [1]

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Pot People (The Path Garden)

This is a work in progress for the Path Garden. We started the project and had to stop due to rain. We made a few mistakes along the way, but we're having fun in the meantime. If we make anymore it will be easier. We'll post updated pictures later. If anyone else has made these, please send in your pictures or ideas.

Source: I seem to remember it was on the internet or maybe Backyard Living or Birds and Blooms magazine?

By Great Granny Vi from Moorpark, CA

Terra Cotta Pot People

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Flower Pot People

My friend made these flower pot people.

flower pot people

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