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Keeping Roaches Out Of Tub

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How do tiny roaches get in your tub? I have a pest control guy come in every month but they are still there.

Terrira from Liberal, Ks



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By dave (Guest Post)10/15/2008

I found a goods to get out roaches by web site

By Joan [20]07/21/2008

They may be coming out of the overflow drain on your bathtub. We had a problem with large ants (in Florida) and that's where they were coming from. Try filling the tub with hot water and bleach and let it run out of the overflow for a few minutes. This took care of the ants - hopes it works for your roaches.

By Cathy from Townsville, QLD (Guest Post)07/16/2008

Just make sure you put the plug into the drain after using the tub. Roaches live in drains, and are probably climbing up from there. Stop them getting into the tub by using the plug and the problem should stop. It's good Feng Shui too!

By Sandi/Poor But Proud [429]07/16/2008

I lived in Tucson for three years, and they are 3-4" long down there! I found out some interesting things about those little "evolutionary defects"!! Remember how when you turned on the light, they scattered? No More!! They can live a month without their heads! I looked it up, and it's true!! And yes, the former poster is right. They swim and do come up through drains and yes, even the toilet!! I had a perfect solution. In the drain of the tub, I found a full can of baked beans or something solid and heavy, but that fit just exactly inside the drain. I put it in a sleeve of plastic from a newspaper so the can wouldn't rust the tub surface. Every morning after my shower, I would get out, put 1/4 cup of bleach in the water that had collected, and lifted up the can just long enough to let the bleach water down the drain. I never had that problem again. I also put bleach water in the toilet at night before I went to bed. I made a custom styrofoam "mold" of the gap between the seat and the rim and clamped it down for easy removal when it was time to clean. Lastly, in the morning, I would hit the top of the lid a couple of times before I lifted it. You can also put a few crystals of moth balls in the or moth repellent crystals in the bathroom sink and keep the drain closed or plugged. Google "cockroach repellent" and you will find all kinds of great and cheap ways to keep them at bay. Good luck.

By Cindy (Guest Post)07/15/2008

I guess they are coming up your drain pipe. Maybe they live in there and hide in the crevices between where the pipe and the tub meet. They would certainly need to be small. Perhaps you could have the bug man squirt a bit of the gooey substance in the lid of your stopper and then stop up the tub every night so they eat it. That is assuming the bug man uses the advanced stuff that the roaches eat.

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