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Keeping Hot Wings Crispy


How do you keep your hot wings crisp and not soft after you put the sauce on it?

By Onesummer


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10/02/2009 Flag

Not to give bad news but even if you cook poultry to 'crispy' it just doesn't stay crispy unless eaten right out of the oven and once you place a sauce on it there's definitely no way for it to stay crispy even fresh from the oven unless eaten within a couple of minutes of placing the sauce on it. The only thing I can think of is to barely sprinkle with hot sauce before crispy baking and no butter and eating immediatly. Sorry -(

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By eve 18 136 10/02/2009 Flag

Most wings are fried first, here in the South and then covered with sauce. Eventually they will get soft but if you eat them right away, they will stay crispy this way.

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By Kathryn Visser 18 114 10/02/2009 Flag

I was wondering if the chicken wings are grilled with barbeque sauce that has honey in it, perhaps the honey will carmalize on the wings, and possibly keep them crispy longer?

I remember some oriental pieces of chicken breast that had lemon and honey, and I think they were breaded somewhat too, and those were crispy, even with sauce. Just a thought anyway.

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