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Use Bamboo Skewers To Keep Cats Out


I keep cats out of my raised veggie bed, by placing bamboo skewers about 8 to 12 inches apart in a grid pattern. You want them to be close enough, so that cats are uncomfortable digging or even walking through the garden.

I buy the skewers at the dollar store. They are cheap and non-toxic. The skewers can be easily removed as the plants grow and fill in the space. One dollar package takes care of my whole garden and has been working for me for the last three years.

By Jeanette from Citrus Heights, CA


By Ellen 8 2 07/29/2011

I would be afraid they would try to go over them and get injured. Also, cats should be indoors so if they are your cats, I beg you to keep them in.

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By Simply Susie 5 33 07/30/2011

Cats are very smart, agile and particular about textures, I suspect they would be unlikely to skewer themselves even a little. If given pressure, surely the sharp end of a bamboo skewer would sink further into the garden soil.

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By Jeanette 6 28 08/01/2011

Thanks for your input. I too love cats, but they are not my cats. When I insert the skewers pinted side down they only stick up about 6 inches. I have watched the cats jump up on the edge of my raised beds but when they try to step onto the soil they cant find a clear place to step so they go elsewhere. No injuries to kitties and no damage to my garden.

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