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Permanent Ink Stain Out of a Silk or Satin Shirt

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I would like to know how to get a permanent ink stain out of a silk or satin shirt. I do not know how long it has been there. Please help?

Katherine from California


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By Mark (Guest Post)10/12/2008

I had blue ink on a pink silk tie that was supposed to be dry cleaned only. At the suggestion of a co-worker, I tried isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol and it worked great. I soaked a small portion of a clean white cotton hand towel and gently rubed the ink in a circular motion periodically changing to a new clean section of the hand towel. I then dried the tie on low heat with a hair dryer and it came out looking good as new. SUGGESTION: make a mark somewhere on the small back portion of the tie and test this solution first before tackling the problem and possibly further ruining/damaging your tie.

By Amy (Guest Post)07/24/2008

I decided to go for the hairspray on my peach colored outfit with a black ink pen. Between two towels, lots of rubbing (the ink transers to the towels so be sure to reposition frequently to a clean area) and flooding the area of the stain I got out about 87% of the stain, not everything though but significantly lighter. Acceptable. No noticeable trace of the hairspray. I have hand washed the outfit, I think it will pass. Luckily it has a pattern on it and the stain won't stick out too much!

By Shi (Guest Post)02/29/2008

I had a blue ink stain on my green silk shirt. I used a LIQUID HOLDING SPRAY. I Poured liquid Holding spray, On a cotton ball I lightly rubbed. The ink came right out. I then put a little hand soap, where the ink was. I rubbed a little. rinsed in cold water. Hung to dry. Garment looks great. The stain is completely gone.

By Alexander03/29/2007

I found a wonderful product called Amodex Ink and Stain remover. It took a black sharpie ink stain out of my carpet and the product did not harm its original color! I've since used it on inks and other stains on my clothing and other fabrices. It was difficult to find in stores, but if you order directly from their website it arrives pretty quickly.

check out for ways to acquire the product

By Catherine Somerville [1]11/01/2005

Try inexpensive hair spray.......Aquanet works quite well. I am an RN and worked with white uniforms that frequently got stained with leaky pens....I am not sure about all fabrics but it worked on cotton and cotton/poly blends........can't hurt for you to try it on your garment

By juanita turner (Guest Post)10/20/2005

please help""

By shirley (Guest Post)10/03/2005

Try using a little pinesol on the spot then rinse and if it is still there try again and rinse out .

By Aleta Yeager [1]10/03/2005

I know this will sound crazy, but try milk. I did years ago, and was amazed that it worked. Good luck.

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