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Removing Wrinkles from Area Rug


I just bought an area rug and there are some wrinkles in it where it was rolled up. How can I get them out?

By Sheri from Spanish Fork, UT


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By Wilhelmina 17 16 02/15/2010 Flag

Turn the rug upside down for a few days. Worked for me.

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By Cyinda 214 1,287 02/15/2010 Flag

Spray with 1 cup of water, half cup of rubbing alcohol (for fast drying time) & half a cup of fabric softener (for wrinkles).

If you don't want to do this (because of the possible residue from the fabric softener), simply spray rug with plain water on BOTH the top & the bottom of the wrinkles then use a hot blow-dryer on the same places. The heat of the blow dryer & the moisture will "steam" the rug so it lays flat. After you do this, put some heavy phone books on top (with plastic wrap under the books so they won't stick) & leave them overnight while the moisture dries.

Sometime you can leave the rug outside overnight on a covered porch to absorb moisture, then bring it inside & it will lay flat. I also used my hands to help roll the outside edges under.

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02/17/2010 Flag

In the past I've placed a cloth towel over the rug and, working section by section, used a clothes iron on low heat over the towel to get rid of the wrinkles ;-)

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