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Tiny Red Bugs in Cupboards

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I have seen these tiny red bugs in boxes of pasta, counter tops, cooking pots and pans, and even on top of the refrigerator. Where do they come from? How can I control them? My wife can't eat or sleep. (Arachnaphobia) What shall I do? - Patrick


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By melodyrutledge02/16/2015

I found a bunch yesterday cleaning under my pasta cabinet. What to do?

By michelle06/18/2009

When someone finds out what these things really are please let me know. They aren't any kind of weevil or bug I've ever seen until I moved to this small town.

By (Guest Post)03/15/2008

I have found many in my cupboard and it's irritating. I found loads and loads of them in a box where there was dried soya kept. I see less of them now and a good clean of the cupboard should help.

By Terri (Guest Post)09/10/2006

I found some, I believe they are beetles and can only be eradicated by removing all dry goods from your cabients and wiping with soap and water and vacuum.

RE: Tiny Red Bugs in Cupboards

By Susan Sanders-Kinzel [9]12/15/2004

1st thing you have to do is have the bugs identified. Take a few & put them in a baggy & bring them to an exterminator who will identify the bug for you. He can then suggest what you can do about it.

Hope this helps you.

By (Guest Post)12/14/2004


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