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Ideas for a 50s Dance

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We are having a 50's dance for our Township in November. Does anyone have ideas for this? We are on a tight budget.

By joycem from Pittsburgh, PA


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By Lelia Jo Cordell [49]09/01/2009

The high school I attended my freshman year had a 50s sock hop. Once you were in the door, the shoes had to come off, and everyone danced in their stocking feet. We gals without funds for poodle skirts either wore capris or rolled our straight-leg jeans up to mid-calf. Hair was easy: comb it into a ponytail almost at the crown of your head.

Guys had it easiest, really. They got to wear their normal clothes, for the most part, but leather jackets and letterman sweaters were considered cooler. The guys' hairstyles were "the greasier, the better," lol! If you've ever watched "Happy Days" reruns on Nick at Night, you get the idea.

By Pam Griffis [4]09/01/2009

My daughter's school has a 50's dance every year. They make decorations that look like old records, juke boxes, old cars, etc. and put them walls and hang them from the ceiling. They also rent a jukebox and have pictures made in front of it. They serve chips, hot dogs, sodas from that era (Orange and Grape Crush, RC, etc.) The cakes are shaped like records with black icing that has grooves in it. They even put a paper label on the center. Some owners of old 50's cars park them out front of the school for photo opts. But the best is the music and the poodle skirts, etc. that they wear.

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