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Removing Paint Stains From Vinyl Siding

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Photo of a house with vinyl siding.

Paint can drip on your vinyl siding when you are repainting the trim. This is a guide about removing paint stains from vinyl siding.


Solutions: Removing Paint Stains From Vinyl Siding

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Tip: Nail Polish Remover To Clean Graffiti Off Vinyl Siding

Spray paint off vinyl siding, teens thought this was fun in my neighborhood. All of us got one! I found that nail polish remover and a nail brush, plus elbow grease got black paint off light tan siding without bleaching out the vinyl siding. I got a half gallon jug at a beauty supply store, and had some left over just in case!

By Bonnie from Dayton, Ohio

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Here are questions related to Removing Paint Stains From Vinyl Siding.

Question: Removing Paint From Vinyl Siding

I need to know what is the easiest and cheapest way to remove paint from vinyl siding. My husband and I stained the deck 3 years ago and since then have not been able to remove the paint. It is a deep cherry color and our siding is beige! We want to sell the house but need to get the paint off first. We tried all the home depot products, including regular paint thinner and Goo Gone but they did not work. Please help.

Kris from Randolph, NJ


Most Recent Answer

By Nina E.08/15/2015

I purchased Spray Nine multi purpose cleaner and tried cleaning stain that got spilled onto my vinyl siding when I tried staining my deck over seven years ago. I thought nothing would take the stains off my beige vinyl siding but after spraying this amazing product it is coming off. For the bigger more stubborn stains I used this product and brillo to help remove it and the stains are gone. No color has come off the vinyl siding either. Glad I bought a gallon of this stuff to clean other projects like mildew on my gutters. I bought my spray nine on Amazon.

Question: Removing Paint Stripper Spots On Vinyl Siding

How do I remove paint stripper spots from vinyl siding?



Most Recent Answer

By CA (Guest Post)07/06/2008

I also have stripper spots on my beige vinyl siding. I stripped the paint from our porch and at least 4 rows of siding was damaged from the stripper, even though I consistently hosed it down with a power washer during the stripping process. I tried everything to remove it and nothing worked. Then I tried an S.O.S. pad, Viola, the spots disappeared like magic. Since vinyl siding has color the whole way through, the stripper only damaged the very top layer of the color. I just wet the S.O.S. pad and rubbed (it takes some rubbing) with the grain of the siding until the spots disappeared. Rinsed it well and it looks great. Hope this has helped!