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Craft: River Stone Birdhouses

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Stone Birdhouse

I love making these little river stone bird houses. Makes a great winter or summer pass time. An each one is never the same. They make great gifts.

By Nancy from Slaughters, KY



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By Elaine M P. [2]02/10/2014

What type glue do you suggest and could this be an outside birdhouse? TIA, Elaine

By phyllis [3]10/15/2009

Nancy, I would like directions how to make the River Stone birdhouses.
Tks,Gram P from Iowa

By Vivian [2]07/19/2008

That is really cool! Is the whole thing wood and then covered in stones or is it all stone and just a wood roof? It is amazing to look at. Are they heavy? Thanks for showing us!

By Judy A. Foster07/17/2008

very nice, would love to learn how.

By Cher (Guest Post)07/17/2008

Would like directions on how you make them. Thanks
leclairandsons @ yahoo . com

By Linda in Alabama (Guest Post)07/16/2008

That is SO cute -- I love river rocks!

By janice [48]07/16/2008

That is really cute, good job

By melody_yesterday [213]07/15/2008

that's REALLY cute !!

RE: Craft: River Stone Birdhouses

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