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Cheetos Stains on Clothing

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My son eats Cheetos everyday for lunch. I can't seem to get the orange color out of his clothes. Most of his clothes are colored cotton. Any ideas other than banning Cheetos?

Berta from Marana, AZ


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By Ashley (Guest Post)03/01/2009

Frito-Lay sells Natural White Puff Cheetos. No orange stains but with all the same great taste.

By (Guest Post)03/19/2008

My kids love cheetos so I just keep baby wipes right there and they could just wipe of their hands and keep munching away. I did however cut back on those tasty little snacks because the contain so much msg (monosodiumglutamate) it was causing some issues in my kids, headaches, even some "attitude " problems I had no idea, so now they just have them occaisionally .

By Jess (Guest Post)12/13/2006

I don't know how old your son is, but if he is young, why don't you just take his shirt off? If he is older, ask him not to wipe his orange paws on his clothes, make him wash his hands etc. If he is old enough, make him pretreat the stains or do his own laundry.

By edieparks (Guest Post)12/10/2006

Tee Hee,
Send toothpicks for him to eat each cheeto with.
No stain.

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