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Removing Dark Discoloration from Stainless Flatware


I have applied silver polish to my silver plate or stainless steel flatware, and it has not helped one bit. I also applied manufactured metal cleaners of all kinds, even Tarn-X, and copper polish, and such, to no avail.

I also tried homemade remedies containing baking soda, vinegar, and aluminum foil, but they didn't work either. Silver polish doesn't work on this dinnerware. I still have the stains. How do I remove the dark tarnish and the stains from silver plate or stainless?

By Miss Bonnie from Denver, CO


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By Lisa 2 656 03/27/2011 Flag

I don't know if it is the same with your flatware, but something similar can happen with vermeil jewelry (gold plated over sterling). This might sound weird, and it might have nothing to do with what's happening to your flatware, but I thought I'd share it. With vermeil, the sterling under the gold plating can still tarnish, and the discoloration will show through the gold. So perhaps something has happened to the base of your plated flatware?

I use an impregnated jewelry cleaning cloth on my tarnished sterling silver pieces, but I know you have to be careful with plated items (don't want to wear off the plating). If you're willing to experiment on one piece, it might be worthwhile. I think a long time ago I could find them near the jewelry counter, or jewelry shops probably sell them. I just buy mine online while ordering other supplies. Here is a link, so you can see several kinds:

When I was a kid, I used the jeweler's rouge cloth to clean my flute. But it's kind of messy (the rouge transfers easily, and it gets everywhere). As an adult I've used the Artbeads treated cloth, and another one called Sunshine. I got the Sunshine from a wholesaler, but jewelry shops sell them, too. I've heard good things about the blue Brilliant cloth. If you decide to go buy one, just check to see if you are buying a treated or untreated cloth. You need one that is treated to remove tarnish. But this will not work if it is a problem with the base underneath the plating. Best of luck!

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Archive: Removing Dark Discoloration from Stainless Flatware

My flatware has turned dark from vinegar, citrus exposure, or being in the dishwasher with aluminum items. How do I remove the dark tarnish or stains from stainless? I find all sorts of commercial and natural remedies for silver plate, but not for the inexpensive flatware. I used baking soda mixtures and manufactured tarnish removers. What now?

By Miss Bonnie from Denver, CO


RE: Removing Dark Discoloration from Stainless Flatware

Silver polish may remove the discoloration from your flatware. (03/23/2011)

By bw878

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