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Can anyone give food ideas and theme ideas for a senior citizen banquet for my church?

By Jessie from Leesburg, FL


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By Keeper 58 1,056 05/12/2010

How about something Old Fashioned and Southern.
Serving Iced tea/Lemonade,finger sandwiches and mini desserts and watermelon??

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By Amy3e 1 89 05/14/2010

Maybe a tea party idea. Not sure how many people you are expecting but finger foods are a good idea. Simple is better, nothing that requires cutting up the food is a good rule of thumb.

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By Jamie 7 49 05/14/2010

Theme: "Our Seniors are Precious Jewels". you can make a display with large diamond rings with their names on them (if not too many) and even put up a pic of them.

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I need theme ideas for a Senior Citizen Banquet at Church. Sue from Wallace, NC

RE: Senior Citizen Banquet

Big Band Music? (02/02/2006)


RE: Senior Citizen Banquet

Take them on a cruise? (02/03/2006)

By Carol

RE: Senior Citizen Banquet

Sue, How about one of the wonderful old movies? You could even show all or parts before or after the banquet. (02/03/2006)

By Tedebear

RE: Senior Citizen Banquet

Our church just did our Adult Valentine's Banquet with a Hee Haw theme. It was hilarious and everyone says it was the best yet. (02/20/2006)


RE: Senior Citizen Banquet

Our church hosts a Senior Citizen Banquet every year prior to Christmas. Two years ago we used the theme, The Golden Years, and we used round, cream tablecloths accented with gold centerpieces (from Party Perfect, Clinton, NC). Instead of using confetti on the tables we used gold, chocolate nugget candy. We provided a speaker, senior citizen plaques and certificates, gift certificates, etc. We also put together a slide show of the honorees which was played during dinner, which was catered. Each year we draw names to determine the Senior King & Queen. We climax by taking them to "Meadow Lights" in Newton Grove to see the Christmas Lights. (12/13/2007)

By veronica

Archive: Senior Citizen Banquet

I need ideas for our church senior citizen banquet. Every year we have a themed banquet to honor the seniors in our church and all they do. We have the young adults and teens serve and seat them.

We serve an appetizer, a main course, and a dessert. Then we have some type of entertainment. We have a game, skit, or other fun to go along with the theme. We've done a formal dinner (black and white), Hawaiian, and others. Does anyone have any ideas for a theme?

Stacey from Morrilton, AR

RE: Senior Citizen Banquet

How about Western? Cowboy hats for the servers, wearing jeans, boots, plaid shirts. You can have square dancing. (01/17/2008)

By Lois

RE: Senior Citizen Banquet

We did one at our church as "old bums" everyone dressed up in patched up clothes, some men had a stick over their shoulder with a handkerchief bag hanging on it. The food was served on aluminum pie plates, with empty pork and bean cans for glasses. The Beverly Hillbillies movie was shown. The best dressed bum girl got a prize ring with a real carrot for a 100 karat diamond ring. The best dressed bum guy prize was an exercise machine, a Hula Hoop. much fun was had by all.

Margeth from MI (01/19/2008)

By margeth

RE: Senior Citizen Banquet

Our seniors are worth their weight in gold. What about treasure boxes with gold and jewels? You could use Hershey's treasure candies. Do tables in everything gold for their golden years. (01/30/2009)

By Tammie O.

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