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Momma-Dog, Penelope, Bobble-head Lou, and Ginger (Dogs)

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From left to right "Momma-Dog" 13 years old, "Penelope" 2 years old, "Bobble-head Lou" 9 years old, and "Ginger" 1 year old.Three of them Weenie dogs and Ginger chi wow wow mix.

Momma dog is the mother of Bobble-head, and Penelope is Bobble-head's wife. Ginger is a dog I got for my mother, who always comes back to be babysat.

They obviously love to sleep a lot, and have no problem inviting their friend (Ginger) in on the zzz's. Bobble head is an avid boater, and riding on his knee board is his favorite water sport. Penelope is a hose chaser. I can't water anything with out her jumping back and forth, over the spray, as if she were playing "Double-Dutch" with the jump rope. I'm owned!

By Randi


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By alex rice [2]04/12/2011

Now that is the cutes thing I have seen all day! My beagle mix and my pit bull love to lay with each other like that!

By Tammie [15]01/21/2011

To adorable! I have a chiweenie and she is the best.

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