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Converting Muffin Recipes

I recently bought a mini muffin pan. When I tried to bake a batch of mini chocolate chip muffins this past weekend, they came out overdone when I used the time/temp for my standard recipe. Does anybody know how long I should bake the mini muffins and at what temp? Thanks in advance for your help!


Recent Answers

By pats/az (Guest Post)09/25/2004

I start checking the mini's after half the cooking time of the regular recipe. Once you have your baking time down it will be good for any mini muffins.

By lindaokc (Guest Post)09/14/2004

try baking the muffins at the same temp. as the larger ones, but keep an eye on the mini muffins with your oven light now and again and just take them out when they have browned

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