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Mousetrap Craft Idea

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I am looking for a craft idea that was in a real old highlights magazines for kids. It shows how to decorate a mousetrap and holds a small calendar. Lost the instructions. Can you help?




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By Guest: Patty B (Guest Post)12/08/2004

A pecan can be used for the mouse body, small strip of leather for the tail & ears, black dots for eyes. Cut a small triangle from a sponge for the cheese.

By (Guest Post)08/12/2004

With a small mousetrap, remove the little bar that holds the trap open so no one gets hurt. Cover a half styro ball with fabric of your choice for the mouse body. Do this by using a circle of fabric that is big enough, stitch a running stitich around it and put the half-ball in and draw tight. Glue on ears of felt, whiskers of thread or string, and a tiny pom-pom nose, and a pipe cleaner tail. Glue the mouse to the mousetrap. Clip the calendar, memo pad, foto, coupons, whatever you like under the bar. Put magnets on the back and put on fridge. Very cute!

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