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Name Ideas for a Cake Decorating Business

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My friend Denise makes decorated cakes. She has so many requests she's decided to start a business. As you can see from the picture (yes, it's all edible) they're amazing. What would be a good name for her business?

By Granny2889 from near Charlotte, NC


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By HAPPYINHARNED [13]02/10/2011

A little granule

By Liz [15]02/10/2011

I love all your suggestions for names! I have a question: What is the theme of the cake in the photo? I can't guess!

By Vicki Keyes [4]02/10/2011

How about Delectible Delites by Denise! Or just Delectible Delites. Good luck to her with her business!

By Penny Stoehr [28]02/10/2011

Heavenly Delight Bakery

By Teresa [1]02/09/2011

"Yes, it's all edible" I think you had the name all along.

By paula [18]02/09/2011

Unbeatable eatables, by Denise- Where we put the icing on your special event.

By Virginia02/09/2011

Create A Cake

By Mary Lou [14]02/09/2011

Take The Cake

By Carolyn C. Cooke [18]02/09/2011

Sorry, LeeW, Incredible Edibles is name of nat'l chain of fruit arranged as flowers! Cay from FL

By anne [11]02/09/2011

What's Your Pleasure

By Lee Werner02/09/2011

Incredible Edibles

By Linda from Bloomington, IL [67]02/09/2011


By linn [50]02/09/2011

By Denise
Hope this name takes the cake!
And although Patty Cakes is a great name, her name is Denise...ummm

By bkvander [2]02/09/2011

Amazing Cakes! With the name starting with the letter "A", she'll be at the top of the ad lists for calls. It pays off!

By Joan [2]02/08/2011

Patty Cakes, everyone remembers that rhyme and will remember the name of her business.

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