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Fleece Stockings Pattern

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Does anyone have a pattern to make fleece stockings? Not Christmas ones. Thank You for any and all help.

Carlene from Oxford, ME



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By Tracey Ihle [4]03/24/2009

It is Green Pepper. They are part of McCall's patterns.

Tracey in Jacksonville FL

By Eileen M. [56]03/24/2009

There is a pattern company that makes patterns for fleece everything - green pepper or something like that. They are usually on the wall, not in the pattern drawers, in the fabric shops. I made some fleece socks for myself last winter - they were great!

By Jackolyn Smith [15]03/19/2009

Just take an old pair of socks and use them for a pattern. If they don't have a seam in them, cut them down the sides and use that as a pattern.

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