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Uses For Shortening

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Uses for shortening, other than cooking. Post your ideas.


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By Vi Johnson [286]05/12/2010

Moisturizer for face, hands and heels. GG Vi

By Lori Tomlinson [4]03/30/2006

Lubricate a squeaky hinge.

By tammy enyart (Guest Post)01/26/2005

Plastic surgeons have advised patients to use crisco for chapped lips. That's what I've read anyway.

By it' [169]01/05/2005

Hand or Feet Softener: Wash the area to be softened. Rub hands/feet with shortening, and add enough white sugar in to act as an abrasive. Rub this mixture into the skin. Wipe off with paper towel. Wash hands, then use your favorite lotion. Note: this can be quite messy. If you do your hands, have everything available near the sink and then use this method. If you do your feet, do in your bath tub.

By Susan Sanders-Kinzel [9]01/05/2005

Screw driving - to penetrate surfaces easily, put shortening on screw.

By Joesgirl

By Susan Sanders-Kinzel [9]01/05/2005

Cleanser - if your hands need heavy-duty cleaning after gardening or working on the car or in the shop, rub in shortening before using soap

By Joesgirl

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