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Cheapest Way To Develop Film


I have a whole year worth of disposable cameras that need to be developed. I'm sure a great deal of pictures have been taken by a three years old, floor shots. Any ideas on the cheapest route for processing?

Thanks you all so much!




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By (Guest Post) 12/31/2004

Take them to Walmart. You can look at your pictures before purchasing them and if you don't like some of them or if they are no good, fuzzy, blurred, etc., you don't have to take them. Have those pictures deducted from your "per print" purchase. I don't think they have a limit on the amount of pictures you don't have to purchase.

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By Deb (Guest Post) 12/31/2004

You can go online to They are running a special right now on devoloping large number of film at one time. I think they are giving 10.00 off. I have used this company personally before and they do a good job. Its cheap like 19 cents a picture or so. Try just sending them one roll to see if you like it. I think anything would beat the long line at wal-mart photo center. :)

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By Linda L. 83 322 12/31/2004


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By 1bigmama 2 11 01/01/2005

I take my disposable film to SuperWalmart, before paying for them I view them, and only pay for the ones that I think are the best shots. They will disgard of the ones you do not want.

Also if you have not promised anyone copies, only print single prints. If Walmarts prices do not suit your budget, try Walgreens, I believe thier prices start at .29 cents. I am sure you will not have to pay for picture that are not of the best quality.

Hope this helps.

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By Renee Griswell 1 38 01/01/2005

I agree with taking them to Wal-Mart and viewing them before paying to discard prints you may not want...also, maybe only have 2 or 3 rolls developed at a time. For example, if you get paid every week, have a couple of rolls developed per week, or whenever you get your space out the expense.
Hope this helps.


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By guest (Guest Post) 01/15/2006

Been checking out photo processing options. This was helpful. I am glad to have found because they don't charge shipping and handling per roll when you ship quantity. I would have thought would have been the least expensive but because of the per roll shipping and handling, they lose my vote. It would be outrageous to have these charges, since like the original poster I have many rolls, saved from before the day of digital that need to be developed.

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By MD2020 1 09/05/2013

Some Costco's still develop film for $4/roll.

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