Craft Project: Skillet Handle Hot Pads


A handy hot pad.

Approximate Time: 20 minutes Denim handle hot pads.


  • denim from worn jeans
  • scissors
  • sewing machine
  • sewing thread
  • bias tape
  • mattress pad scraps or placemat scraps
  • steam iron
  • dowel or other similar tool for turning the project right side out


  1. Trace around your skillet or pan handle for a pattern. Add about 1 inch on your pattern for seam allowance before cutting fabric.
  2. Cut 2 pieces of denim from your pattern and 1 piece of your padding scraps either from a mattress pad or an old placemat.
  3. Sew bias tape on the opening ends before sewing wrong sides together, making sure you sandwich the pad in so it will be on one side only, on the inside when sewn and turned.
  4. Take the dowel and poke it in the center of the hot pad to make it a little easier to turn right side out.
  5. I found that the hot pads were too bulky to allow for turning right side out if I used 2 pieces of pad. I place the padded side on the bottom of the handle and it works great.

By Monica from Cortez, CO


By Nonniebo23 1 3 09/08/2010

This is a really cute idea! If you find that the denim is a little bulky, why not try making the skillet holders in a slightly lighter material?

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By Monica 296 58 09/09/2010

Thanks. I do know it would have been more practicle to use a lighter material, but I'm trying to recycle a mountain of denim! I challenge myself to come up with out of the ordinary denim projects.

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By Eileen M. 56 240 09/09/2010

You could also sew them right sides OUT, with a decorative (zigzag or whatever) stitch, to obviate the need to turn the potholder.

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