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Is Borax Safe to Use Around Dogs?

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Is borax safe to use in the house when a dog is the house at all times?



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By Candy Killion [10]07/29/2010

Not if the dog will be poking around at cracks and crevices and baseboards: ... asttoxic/boricacid_borates_borax.htm

By Paula [1]07/28/2010

I wouldn't just leave the stuff down. I use it to kill fleas occasionally one room at a time but keep my pets away from that room for 24 hours then clean it up well.
I read that a small amount won't do any harm to a healthy pet but I don't want them to even sniff any at all. If you are using it for roach control just put the stuff behind cabinets and fridge where they can't reach it.

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