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Keeping Squirrels From Chewing on a House

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Squirrels outside.

Squirrels chew on a variety of things to deal with the constant growth of their teeth. However, when they begin to use you house for this activity you will want to take action. This is a guide about keeping squirrels from chewing on a house.



Here are questions related to Keeping Squirrels From Chewing on a House.

Question: Stopping Squirrels from Chewing on a House

I read some of the questions about squirrels. I have one or two that are chewing the paint off my garage door and have chewed part of the door frame. What can I do to stop them? I don't think moth balls would help outdoors.

By Trouble from Indianapolis, IN


Most Recent Answer

By christine M. Thayer [2]07/24/2009

I was going to say the thing about the pepper. I have used cayenne, black, ground peppers, with dry hot mustard. I'd mix it dry & then sprinkle it around. It works on all kinds of animals. If that didn't work, I'd mix the pepper mustard mix & soak it in water. Let set & strain & spray the liquid. Most animals have good noses & lick themselves. The smell usually keeps them away all my itself most the time.

Question: Squirrels Gnawing on House

Is there anything that can be put in paint to keep squirrels from eating the wood on the house?

By J. Wade


Most Recent Answer

By Grandma J [46]04/16/2013

Live trap them. Then dispose of properly. Red squirrels are the worst! They will get into the house and eat on the wires. Fire hazard! We catch them, toss a trash bag over the trap, spray in starter fluid from the can. Put them to sleep permanently. I don't like pellet guns, our neighbors use them. A gray squirrel caught is released.

You should see what the reds did to our garage. Tore the insulation off the walls and stuffed the tool drawers full. They will get under your hood of the car and make a mess of wiring too. In the winter, start the car, BOOM BOOM under the hood. Got one. MESS!

Question: Squirrels Chewing on Log House

How do I keep squirrels from chewing on a white pine log house, mainly the corners that stick out about 8 inches. The house is stained, but does not make any difference.

By Hank E

Solutions: Keeping Squirrels From Chewing on a House

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