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Add a Bay Leaf to Pantry Items to Keep Pests Away

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The best thing I have ever found to keep pantry moths or any other pest from getting in your food is to put a bay leaf in the box or package after it is opened. There is something about a bay leaf that they hate. You can get these cheaply at a $1 store.

By Elaine from Iowa



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By cajunangel (Guest Post)09/14/2008

I have been using these in everything from corn meal to flour to box mixes - anything that will end up with bugs or moths. They work wonderfully. I have been using bay leaves for over 30 years.

By Linda L. Creech [2]09/13/2008

Hello, Here it is 9 years later and I found the help I need . I have had two years of misery with these darn moths. Bay Leaves on my shopping list this minute. THANK YOU!

By Cindy (Guest Post)09/11/2008

Thank you for the tip on using bay leaves to keep pest away.

By Margaret [13]09/10/2008

I have been doing this for almost 40 years and it really does work!!


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