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Fun High School Reunion Activities

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We are planning a 20th high school reunion. What fun ideas can you share?

By Noleen from South Africa


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By Suntydt [75]04/02/2011

At the last reunion I went to one of the gals had a bunch of questions about teachers, students and the school that were fairly relevent to the year we graduated (but not all). And whoever answered the question first got a prize.


Thrifty Fun has been around so long that many of our pages have been reset several times. Archives are older versions of the page and the feedback that was provided then.

Archive: Fun High School Reunion Activities

I am planning my 10th reunion. This will be the first reunion I have ever attended and I need help. We have all the basics planned. Now we are looking for ideas of what to do during the reunion. We are planning to put together a survey and give awards but what kind of questions should we ask? Any other fun things to plan for the evening? Any advice? Things we may not think of? All help is much appreciated!


RE: Fun High School Reunion Activities

I helped organize our class's 25th reunion and it was so much fun. We sent out letters and included a questionnaire page, which included the basics: address, family, grandchildren, career and added favorite high school memories, favorite friends, teachers, activities and a particular unforgettable memory. Life Lessons learned since high school. When these were all returned we had them printed in a small booklet and added their high school photo on the page. Also included was a list if class officers, words to the school song and a tribute to deceased class members.

We had a simple banquet at a local restaurant with a home cooked meal and decorated in school colors. After it was over we had a party at a local fair building with dancing and music from our high school years and took a class picture. There was some drinking but it was NOT encouraged. When you get into making ELABORATE plans you lose your crowd.

The 30th reunion was at a big motel banquet room with drinks lousy food and there wasn't a handful that showed up. Earlier that day we had a picnic at a local park which included families and children and that turned out great but no one wanted in on the out-of-town party. I'm saying, keep it simple and stress free and it will be a success.

Another thing we did at our first reunion was to give framed certificates to the class officers and gave the centerpieces to the one who had driven the most miles and the person most physically changed since high school. Our 35th will be next year and I hope I will still be able to get it together. Reunions are so much fun. (09/13/2005)

By Sharon, KY

RE: Fun High School Reunion Activities

i live in Texas and we used old boots (one standing up/one on its side) bluebonnets, red bandannas and small potting plants. It was the best, and cheap! The bluebonnets were silk, bandannas are inexpensive, and small potting plants can vary as to colors you need. You can add Spanish moss, ivy, or whatever to bring out your school colors/mascot. (03/02/2006)

By Judy

RE: Fun High School Reunion Activities

I'm reading everyone's feedback because we're planning ahead on our reunion which is next year. There's a lot of great ideas here. I'm totally stealing some. :) Thanks much! (10/25/2006)


RE: Fun High School Reunion Activities

Something our reunion group did once: Choose a theme such as oldies but goodies, song titles, etc. Gather props to go with the theme. Divide members into groups of 4 or 5. Let them randomly choose a slip of paper with a title on it (skit or song). They then all run to grab props that have been previously laid out. With whatever props they were able to grab, they then have to preform the skit/song. Place a time limit on the "practice time". This is a very funny activity. (03/07/2007)

By Susan

Archive: Fun High School Reunion Activities

What can we do for a fun school reunion? Three classes are meeting together. All are past the fiftieth reunion.

Mary Jane from Goliad, TX

RE: Fun High School Reunion Activities

We created a poster with peep doors asking the question for the period and opening the door to the answer. Totally inexpensive, but fun for all. An example: (outside of flap) What was the top hit for our graduating year on the radio? Inside flap-put the answer. Your questions are tailored to the group. It was fun brainstorming memories and looking on line for our graduating "year" to see what we had forgotten. Some questions and answers were personal like, Who shaved their head?, etc. Have fun with it in a small group, you will be amazed at what you remember. (07/01/2008)

By Bryson

RE: Fun High School Reunion Activities

We planned a weekend full of activities for our 40th high school reunion at the end of June. It was easy, because "the committee" consisted of myself and my friend. We had a Friday night Meet and Greet.

Saturday morning, we met at a monument in front of our high school. Two of our classmates are clergy. We held a brief, but moving, service to honor deceased classmates and faculty. We were standing under the bus-port in the pouring rain. Then, we went inside to have breakfast with those faculty members who were still alive. We got to tell them how much their preparation meant to us.

Next, we would have taken a school bus ride to a local state park. We had planned a Walk and Talk and to have box lunches. But, the rain and mud canceled those plans.

Saturday night we had our More Senior Prom. We danced and had a delicious dinner. We offered three choices. Sunday we had a clambake and it rained then, too.

Everyone tells us how much they enjoyed the reunion in the pouring rain. (03/05/2009)

By Smoke-free

Archive: Fun High School Reunion Activities

I am looking for some fun questions for a 50th HS, all girl school, reunion.

By Bertie Lou from Chicago

RE: Fun High School Reunion Activities

An all girls class would give you the option of a PJ party at a local hotel. Some would be coming from out of town and would need accommodations anyhow. (05/13/2010)

By Jcerar

Archive: Fun High School Reunion Activities

I am looking for some fun questions that could be asked to get re-acquainted with high school class mates at a 50th reunion of all women.

By Diane from Londonderry, NH

RE: Fun High School Reunion Activities

Check out this post;
Guess the Candy Shower Game

It was originally for a baby shower, but would work well with a reunion. After all, these are candies that these people grew up with. You might change some of the questions, but you can just about leave it alone. (09/01/2010)

By Suntydt

RE: Fun High School Reunion Activities

How about asking: Who has the most grandchildren? Who has been married the longest? Who traveled the farthest?, etc. We did this and it, was really fun. Good luck. (09/04/2010)

By K9cats

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