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Daughters of the King Banquet

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We are having a Daughters of the King banquet. I need ideas for set up, games, foods, etc. The theme is Royalty.

By Lesesnead from Orange Park, Florida


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There is a game that is always fun called Lefty's forgotten birthday. Even though it is a birthday game, it can be revised to fit any occasion. All guests stand in a circle. Depending on how many people are there, you hand one or more persons in the circle a prize... they don't open them. (You might use one prize for every 5 guests. For example if you have 20 guests, you would use at least 4 prizes.) As much as possible, try to distribute the gifts evenly around the circle so everyone has a chance to play.

You read a story that you have made up about a little boy named Lefty Wright. Maybe Lefty visiting royalty or something. Put as many left and rights in the story as you can. For example: "Lefty Wright left early to visit King 2-Left-feet and queen 2-left-feet. He turned right and headed right for the Leftington Castle while wearing his right shoe on his left foot and his left shoe on his right foot." Etc.

When your guests hear 'left' they pass the prize to the person on their left, when they hear 'right' they pass it to the person on their right. When you say "The End" (after everyone has finished doing the final left and rights), the people who are holding the prizes get to keep them.

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