Keeping Futon from Slipping

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You are not alone if your futon mattress keeps sliding down on the frame. This is a guide about keeping futon from slipping.


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Tip: Keeping Futon from Slipping

To keep my futon mattress from slipping and sliding, I took 2 rolls of gripping shelf liner and laid one under the seat part, and one behind the back part. Now the mattress stays in place!

By Chris from Levittown, Pa

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Question: Futon Mattress Keeps Slipping

I have an older type tri-fold futon, that I use mostly in 1 of its 3 different upright positions on the back 1/3. The problem is, no matter which position it's in, the entire mattress slips down towards the bottom until the bottom rests on the floor. And the mattress is heavy to pick up and re-do when you have sciatica and a bad lower back! I've even tried bungy-cording it around that area, to no avail.

If any of you have any suggestions on how to solve or at least minimize this ongoing dilemma, please please help me out.

By Nica from Big Bend, WV

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By Lizzyanny [9] 10/13/2013

Could you try putting some of the rubberized matting used for rugs on carpet between the mattress and the frame?

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