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Storing Meat in a Deep Freezer


How long can you store meat in a deep freezer? Thanks.

By Lewis from Port Orchard, WA


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04/20/2009 Flag

According to the USDA, you freeze different types of meat for different lengths of time. This link is to the USDA's chart that will tell you how long you can freeze each meat item. Scroll to the bottom of the page for the chart:

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By Cricket 205 896 04/25/2009 Flag

I use the Ziploc Vacuum bag system. Less than $6 for the starter kit, then more bags don't cost much either. But used properly, these bags can extend the freezer life for meats by several weeks. They also will extend the fridge life of many foods too. I also use them to store small out of season things. And for packing for trips. I put undies, bras, socks, etc in them and toss in the pump. Saves a lot of space in the suitcase!

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By Louise B. 6 2,495 04/25/2009 Flag

I have stored meat for at least a year. These sites usually tell you that hamburger is good for 3 months only, but that is simply not true. Here we often buy half a beef or a whole pig, and store it in the freezer till we have it eaten up. We also buy chickens in the fall and keep them frozen till we get them eaten. They are good for a least a year. After that, you will find that they start to get freezer burn, but that isn't harmful, just distasteful.

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