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Drying Fresh Mistletoe

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Mistletoe with red ribbon

Mistletoe is an evergreen parasitic plant that grows on a wide variety of trees. If you are unlucky or lucky enough to have some in your yard, you can harvest it and make your own dried mistletoe bunches for the holidays. This is a guide about drying fresh mistletoe.



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Question: Preserving Mistletoe and Magnolia Leaves for Christmas Wreaths

I need info on preserving mistletoe and magnolia leaves for making wreaths and other Christmas items.


Most Recent Answer

By Charles M. (Guest Post)12/14/2008

I was told by a lot of people to dip the base of them in glycerin.

Question: Making a Magnolia Leaf Wreath

I am making a large magnolia leaf wreath. Is there a spray sealant I can use to put on the leaves to keep them from turning brown? The wreath will be hung up high in the church's sanctuary all through Advent.

By Agnes B


Most Recent Answer

By Karen H. [10]11/30/2011

Go To or They Both Have Everything you need to know! Have Fun Crafting & Happy Holidays! : )

Question: Drying Fresh Mistletoe

I would like to know how to preserve mistletoe.

By Whit from Anniston, AL

Solutions: Drying Fresh Mistletoe

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