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Getting Urine Stains Out of White Fur

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How do I get my dalmatian white again? She has had urine stains on her fur since she was a pup.

By Blaze


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By Nancy in NC [1]11/13/2009

Hi, After your dog has been groomed and the stains are gone, make it a habit to wipe her bottom with a baby wipe after she comes in from outdoors. (We wipe our dogs' feet too. They spend time on the furniture and the bed with us). Nancy in NC

By Sherri [6]10/29/2009

Please take her to a groomer. The groomers have all the necessary shampoo's & etc to remove the stains. Good luck


Besides the baking soda, if you bathe her weekly the stains will eventually go away over time even without doing anything special but in order for the stains to not come back you should continue bathing her weekly. Make it fun for both of you by having her shower with you :-) I had a German Shorthaired Pointer once who absolutely loved her weekly shower (had to get her used to it first of course) and she would actually go to the linen closet when I spelled out 'bath'. I would open the cabinet door and she would grab a towel and, tail wagging, go place it on the toilet seat (yes, closed lid - LOL) and hop in to the tub :-) I kept her poochie shampoo in the shower next to mine :-)

By Susan10/27/2009

Baking soda works to get things cleaner, naturally. It's not toxic, so you could try adding about 1cup to your pet's warm bath water. Hope it helps!

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