Ideas For Asking a Girl To Homecoming


What's a cute way to ask a girl to homecoming at the beach? Any ideas?




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By Patricia Nicholas 13 74 11/04/2008

Well since the specific question was asking about homecoming on the beach...how 'bout a message in a bottle?

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By L. (Guest Post) 11/23/2008

My boyfriend (before we started dating) asked me to homecoming in a really elaborate way. I got home from work and I had planned on hanging out with him and 2 other friends and when I got up to my room there was a chopstick and a balloon taped to my door and the balloon said "pop me" inside said a note like "A clue a clue, oh what to do? A clue, a clue, a clue for you" and then several symbols like triangle, heart, square, etc. I open my door and my room is FILLED with balloons! Some of the balloons had symbols on it that matched the line of symbols and in some of those had another little note. Once I got all the notes and matched it up to the symbol line together they said "You see the world through me, but never yourself" Which clued me to open my blinds and when I did he was standing on my drive way with candles that spelt out Homecoming! SO cute. I was speechless all night. A week later we started dating =]

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By Kt 1 08/26/2009

Well the way I was asked was super cute, and a girl can't say no if it is the cutest thing ever!
OK, so my boyfriend (used to b bff) had a ton of playing cards, but only the hearts. And he came really early before school one day and took up 11 lockers, including mine, and spelled out H O M E C O M I N G? in the cards and then when i opened my locker it was a huge balloon and he wrote my name on it!

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By Cory 08/28/2009

Do you think writing Homecoming? In chalk out front of her house is a good one let me know.

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By JoanneGD 3 09/30/2009

What about having a message written on a playing card? Deal the deck and when she turns over her first card...

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By griffpeek6 12/04/2011

First you can get 3 balloons. Inside say "try again" on two of them, and on the last on say "homecoming?" with a heart around it and you can pop out and giver her flowers or something. It works!

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By Gatlin S. 09/08/2013

So I just asked this girl by finding out her favorite candy sticking it in her backpack and hiding a poem in the candy. Mine said "Dear marie your beauty is to much for me. your smiles' so sweet, it makes my heart skip a beat. Your gorgeous eyes glow and when I look in them I know; you're the one for me, so how great would it be if you went to homecoming with me?"

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By sofasamsandwich 1 10/22/2013

I used a parody music video of One Direction's "What Makes You Beautiful" check it out it's sweet and funny!

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By marylinn.monroee 1 1 11/22/2013

I need help! My boyfriend use to go to my school but doesnt anymore. With me being a senior I have prom. I want to ask him to prom this year but not just in an ordinary way. I want to do something different. Do you have any ideas for girls that want to ask a guy to prom?

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