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Planning a 25th Wedding Anniversary With Renewal Of Vows


My husband and I will be renewing our wedding vows next year. It will be our 25th wedding anniversary and I don't know where to start first. Our colors are silver and white. If anyone has suggestions on decorations, I would love to hear them. I was also wondering if anyone knows how the ceremony is supposed to be? Thanks.

By Redena from NY


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By Noella 11 381 09/16/2010

It can be whatever you want! In the coolest renewal ceremony I attended, the bridesmaids walked down the aisle, then the bride came down with no bouquet. The younger children (nieces, nephews, grandchildren) each bringing one flower came down gave the flower to the bride and sat on the floor. Each flower made up her bouquet. When everyone was in place, the minister asked the congregation to stand and he announced, "Behold the bridegroom cometh!" It gave me goosebumps, was such an awesome ceremony, she gave such honor to her husband.

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Question: Planning a 25th Anniversary with Renewal of Vows

We will be renewing our wedding vows at our 25th wedding anniversary. We have 9 adult children between us, and 36 grandchildren. The youngest is 1, next youngest are 3-4 year olds. I figure about 1/2 will be in attendance, how can we use them all in the ceremony ?

By Randa Wagner from San Marcos, TX

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By Luana M. 82 149 08/14/2011

First of all congratulations! I have studied many things wedding planing being one of them,but it was in attendance at the church where I witness the most precious thing of all. It seems as they it was two blended families however very close. The ages seem quite similar also, even the little ones want to do something special.The older ones I'm sure you have ideal duties from the register book, leading guest, witnesses etc. It's the young ones that need special attention even if they don't remember they will see video and have a special remembrance forever. I suggest the oldest of course could hold rings, flowers.

What I witnessed was remarkable.They had several grand children old enough to sing, instead of singing they read a poem that best suited their grandparents,the smaller ones said one word to describe "nana and papa". So precious the tears flowed and how cute.So depending on the ages of the others songs are great,words to describe you both down to maybe one word love! Enjoy the day and God bless.

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Archive: Planning a 25th Wedding Anniversary With Renewal Of Vows

I was wanting to give my parents a wedding to re-new their vows for their 25th anniversary. Well, from the looks of it I am the only child of theirs that is willing to do this. But it will give me 2 years to plan and get things together. I need help please

Dee from Morrow, GA


RE: Planning a 25th Wedding Anniversary With Renewal Of Vows

Go forward with this, your siblings will come on board soon enough! I think your idea is just awesome! (09/18/2007)

By kimhis

RE: Planning a 25th Wedding Anniversary With Renewal Of Vows

My daughters, in college, did this. I was in on it to advise them, but it was a surprise for their father. (Thank goodness he looked happy and eager.)

Participants limited to nearby relatives and close friends.

Don't forget a fee for the clergy. Use local clergy.

Had it in our vacation condo two hours from home. It had a lake and golf course view. For edibles, a buffet from the local deli.

I had bought two silver pendant necklaces as mementos for the girls. New silver rings for us. (It was a silver anniversary.)

The girls still wear their necklaces every day. (09/18/2007)

By the Oracle

RE: Planning a 25th Wedding Anniversary With Renewal Of Vows

I just read about a 25th party where the bride and groom danced in silver shoes made by a relative. The shoes were purchased at a resale shop (the right sizes of course) and spray painted silver and silver glitter was added before they dried. I understand the pictures of the bride and groom in silver shoes at their Silver Anniversary were great. (09/18/2007)

By Caryn from Illinois

RE: Planning a 25th Wedding Anniversary With Renewal Of Vows

My parent's celebrated their 50th Anniversary in 2006. My sister did the major part of the planning (she's marvelous at that kind of thing) and made arrangements to borrow the large barn (really a large finished family room) from a local family friend.

Special touches:

"My-own-opoly" game (google it - about $19.95). The game you buy provides a software package that helps you build a "monopoly" game using your family facts, pictures, homes and locations you are familiar with to build the game board and the cards you draw.

In our case we traveled a lot through out our parent's marriage and used several of our homes for the real estate.

I spoke with my parents on genealogy info leading up to the event to find out more background info and included questions about where they met (then found a picture of the place on the internet and put it in the game), also found pictures of each of their high schools in Texas.

The game included events throughout their 50 years of marriage, careers and from the lives of each of the four children's. Soccer, cheerleading, Air Force career, police officer, carpenter, mechanic, etc. The drawing cards used facts such as births as "good" events to get $$ and bad such as the time the engine on the truck caught fire a month after Mom decided she didn't need insurance on such an old truck!

Another idea to make the day special was to make a charm bracelet for Mom with one or two charms that identify one of the children or your father. For example, as above, a megaphone for the cheerleader; a tape measure for the carpenter, etc.

If I think of any of the other things we did, I'll post them. Good luck. It will be worth it! Renee


By At Home with House

RE: Planning a 25th Wedding Anniversary With Renewal Of Vows

Make sure your parents want this kind of celebration.
I would not have wanted my kids to do it for us. (09/18/2007)

By WIsgal

RE: Planning a 25th Wedding Anniversary With Renewal Of Vows

A friend from church did our surprise 25th wedding anniversary celebration. She did a "pot luck" meal in the fellowship hall with the church ladies helping. And it was really nice, good meal, with decorations. Then a present table, and table decorated for us like wedding, complete with punch stem goblets. She even made a little "veil" headpiece for me. We had the meal, special music, and a special present time. Then went in the church to renew our vows, with only our pastor and his wife, and our children went in with us. I don't know how we got persuaded to the fellowship hall to begin with in our dress clothes? Our main present I loved, was a card with a certificate for a stay in a bed & breakfast, we had never had a honey moon and really enjoyed the trip. I still remember that special occasion on our 25th anniversary. And today we celebrate our 32nd anniversary.
Glinda & Ron (09/19/2007)

By glinda

RE: Planning a 25th Wedding Anniversary With Renewal Of Vows

I second the opinion of making sure this is something your parents would really like. This is not something I'd want my children to plan for me.

Usually, if this is something they truly wanted they would mention it and plan it for themselves. (09/23/2007)

By Casey

Archive: Planning a 25th Wedding Anniversary With Renewal Of Vows

My husband and I plan on getting remarried on our 25th anniversary (01/26/2012). We live on a small disability check (1500 monthly), and I would like to start getting ideas and planning for it now.

Archive: Planning a 25th Wedding Anniversary With Renewal Of Vows

I am planning my 25th wedding anniversary (vows renewal) my gown will be silver, but what color should my bridesmaids wear? My favorite color is purple.

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