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Ceiling Fan Blade Key Holder

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White fan blade key holder.

This is an easy way to use old ceiling fan blades, I turn them into key holders. It takes a short time and they are fun gifts to give.

Approximate Time: 1 hour or less


  • ceiling fan blade
  • stencil paint
  • stencil brushes
  • letter stencils
  • decorative stencils
  • hooks to hold keys
  • spray paint for background color
  • ribbon or old shoe strings (something to hang it with)


  1. Unscrew fan blade holders and clean blades.
  2. Use spray paint for background color, your choice of color, but light colors work better.
  3. Let paint dry and start stenciling. Use letter stencil for writing the word "keys" at bottom of the blade. Now the fun part, I use stencils but if you can free hand paint all the better! Just decorate anyway you want. I have done flowers, birds, whatever. It is better if you wait for one thing to dry before going to the next one.
  4. Place the hooks one on the bottom and two on each side of blade, more if you want.
  5. Use ribbon, string, leather, just whatever you have around just thread through the two holes on the sides then through the one on top so it comes out the back tie a bow or just a knot.

I make these and sell them at our church yard sale, they do go fast.

By Sandy72560 from Mountain View, AR



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By janice [48]04/16/2009

Great idea. Thanks for sharing.

By Jacquelyn Valentine [11]04/15/2009

How cool is that? So imaginative, and what an awesome way to recycle! You Rock!

By Tracey Ihle [4]04/14/2009

How creative! Tracey in Jacksonville, FL

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