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Use a Bread Closure as a Guitar Pick

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If you can't find a guitar pick, you can instead use one of those small square plastic tabs they use to close bread. My ex used one all the time. He wasn't good for much, but he sure could play that Les Paul.




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By Lara05/14/2008

I think we have the same ex-husband :)

By Beth [25]04/22/2008

I laughed too. I refer to myself as "happily divorced."

By janet from toronto. (Guest Post)04/22/2008

Thank you so much for the laugh today. I was feeling pretty depressed and when I read your hint this just made my day. Thanks so much. Left my husband 10 years ago and loving it. Good wishes to you.

By Kerry Browning [2]04/21/2008

Had a good laugh-"Sure could play that Les Paul." You got some wisdom under your belt.

By Millie (Guest Post)04/21/2008

We've been using free autoharp/guitar picks for years now. There is a hole in the handle of a gallon milk jug. The piece of plastic that was in the hole, is sometimes still there ready to come out. Sometimes you can find them under the jugs in the cooler. Sometimes you can find a few and sometimes you have to keep going back to find any. The lady at the local 7-11 saved them for me. Ask if you can have them and they should be free.
Good luck.

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