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Adding Color To White Paint


Does anyone have a suggestion of what I can add to a white can of paint to add color to it. Preferably something from around the house? Any color but white, I would prefer yellow or blue.

Thanks a bunch,
Karen from Winona, WV



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By Emma 2 04/23/2006 Flag

I came across this same dilemma yesterday! We were painting some furniture for the nursery, and had run out of pink for the trim (the pink had originally been a mistint). Instead of buying more pink paint, we just added a darker shade of pink from a tube of acrylic paint to another can of white mistint - it matches perfectly!

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By (Guest Post) 04/23/2006 Flag

Chili powder will give you a nice yellow-orange color.

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By COOKIEPOM (Guest Post) 04/24/2006 Flag

You might also try Koolaide or food coloring if the paint is water based.

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By Pat (Guest Post) 04/24/2006 Flag

I use water based craft paint to color water based wall paint. On Interior Motives Group, Kurt Cyr, a famous decorator, says he and other decorators do that all the time. I sometimes create my own color and take a sample to a paint dept. to have it computer color matched.

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By Dean (Guest Post) 04/25/2006 Flag

You can add any paint with color to white to tint it to another color.Be sure to stay with latex paint if your white is latex and oil paint if your white paint is oil based.When you buy paint at say a Sherman Williams paint store and you want a peculiar color they do the same thing.The base color is white and they add different tints to the white to get the color you want.The problem with doing tinting yourself is you won't be able to match the color again if you need to touch up or run out of paint brfore you finish your paint job.Maybe the a paint store will do it for you and give you the fomula if you need it again.

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By susan 8 1,368 04/27/2006 Flag

I've used acrylics to tint water-based paint too. I've used those small bottles of paint for models to tint oil-based paint.

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