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Gluing Seashells to a Bird House


I am looking for instructions of how to glue sea shells to a wooden bird house to place outdoors. Please help.

By Myantoo from MI


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By chris 2 04/22/2009 Flag

I have made several project using seashells glued on wooden birdhouses. I use liquid cement for this and gluing other things on as well. These project have been made for several years and continue to be securely anchored. Sorry, I have no images to post with this idea.

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By Sandi/Poor But Proud 463 2,126 04/23/2009 Flag ... amp;q=outdoor+glues&aq=f&oq=
I just googled outdoor glues and came up with tons. I personally love E-6000. Good luck!

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By tahlula 4 203 04/23/2009 Flag

Get a glue gun and hot glue sticks -- you can get each at most dollar stores. Its fast to use because it dries immediately.

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By Elaine 7 32 04/24/2009 Flag

Thank you all for your input about gluing shells to a wood bird house. I will consider each idea and see what I come up with. Have a grand weekend!

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By Danielle 5 6 04/24/2009 Flag

Yes. E6000 is excellent AND super strong. But, I suggest waterproofing the outside your wooden birdhouse first with an exterior paint or exterior polyurethane.

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By B. 2 45 04/30/2009 Flag

I have made many seashell on wood projects with a product called "no more nails" from any hardware store, works great.

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