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I have little squares of fleece leftover from making blankets. Any suggestions for uses?

Connie from Owosso


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By Patti Wargo 1 12/26/2006

I once bought some "cat toys" at a craft show. The woman had cut the fleece into little strips, about 3" Long, and 1/4" wide. She then stacked them, and tied a longer piece of fleece (more like a long string) around the stack, in the center. As she tightened the "string" to tie the knot, the stack of fleece became gathered into a ball shape. It makes a safe, cute, soft hanging toy to hang from a door knob, etc. She sold them for $.50, but she had to have made at least $25.00 on her "leftover" fleece scraps! Also, I have used them for backing on my homemade coasters, and they are good to glue on to the bottoms of knick knacks to keep them from scratching your furniture.

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By Deb (Guest Post) 12/27/2006

If you have ever shopped at wal mart and gone through the craft area you may have seeen a prepackaged fleece quilt the squares are cut 6x6, then strips along the sides to attach to the other squares until you reach the size you want fron doll quilt to king depending on supple

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By jean (Guest Post) 12/27/2006

Depending on the size of the squares, you could make coasters using two thicknesses.

Trace a chil'ds hands, and make mittens.

Sew a number of squares together to make a scarf.

Make litlle sachets and stuff them with pot pourri.

Cut out 2 shapes, sew together, reverse,stuff lightly, trim, attach ribbon or cord loop at top, and hang on your Christmas tree.

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By melody_yesterday 228 665 12/28/2006

how about beads ?!

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By rosa (Guest Post) 12/28/2006

How about sewing them together and making a quilt, or sew enough together to make a vest to wear, or doggie coats . rose

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By Cyinda 214 1,287 12/29/2006

---> I'd use them like FELT... You could make those sticky flannel boards for kids... with shapes etc.

---> How about a baby quilt?

---> Sew them together for throw pillows

---> Make Barbie or doll clothes

---> Cut out leaf shapes glue 2 together with a wire between them, cut out flower petals & make flowers, or flower pins & barrettes... (See how they make ribbon flowers for ideas)

---> Cut into strips and tie on a barrette blank.

---> Cut into strips & make a Christmas wreath by tying them on a hanger or poking the strips into a foam wreath (with a knitting needle or the end of a paint brush) put a bit of glue on the middle & let ends hang out.

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By (Guest Post) 12/29/2006

you could cut out two small squares say 4 inches by 4 inches and sew up 3 sides like a cushion and pop left over scraps of soap inside then sew up the 4th side and put on the soap dish or beside the bath they will lather up quite well for washing hands and wont make a mess of the sink either, they wont last long but at least they would get used

also could fleece be chopped up and used for pet bedding such as hamster or gerbil?

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By Trix (Guest Post) 12/29/2006

I make soft rattles with them. I cut them into shapes (stars, trees, dolls, moons, whatever you like) and sew them up and fill them with stuffing and a couple of jingle bells. Little kids love the sound of the jingle bells (and they can't swallow them if they're inside the toy) and they are very cuddly.

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By Tina (Guest Post) 12/30/2006

sew together, and stuff for pillows. you chose the size.

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By Rocky Chura (Guest Post) 12/30/2007

I have a lot of thin pieces cut from evening up the sides of the blankets before preparing, along with the "cut out corners"/squares. I read the APA needs toys and blankets for kittens. One of the toys is a mouse made with scrap material and filled with cat nip. Thinking about that. But I'm curious if the strips can be used to construct a latch hook "fleece" rug? Has anyone tried that?

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By quilter397. (Guest Post) 11/13/2008

I am starting to make slippers with the fleece scraps. You'll need some Jiffy Grip for the sole, then a piece of fleece, depending on how big the slipper, perhaps 8 in. long and 5 in. wide, then a piece of knit ribbing for the ankle. I found an old slipper someone had made my granddaughter years ago, so I just took that as a pattern. You really just need to trace the foot for the Jiffy Grip, then the same for the fleece, only you need to make it a little larger so it can come up to the ankle, then attach a piece of ribbing. Confusing? I hope not. I just wrote it like I make it. I'm visiting at my daughter's right now, but if anyone is interested, I could upload a photo when I get home tonight.

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By Toni (Guest Post) 12/13/2008

Use the squares as advertisements for the next fleece blanket project (if you're doing it as a church youth group project or as a teen activity at a school/library). My church uses the squares and puts a sticky label on it with the information needed for donations for the next year.

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By (Guest Post) 01/15/2009

I make more blankets with the scraps. I cut the scraps into squares, then single crochet around the block and then join the squares together. Makes a nice patchwork blanket

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By Molly McGee 3 04/03/2010

I use my scraps to make teddy bears to donate to law enforcement agencies to give to kids who have been in accidents or domestic abuse situations. They're nothing fancy, but they're soft and cuddly. It gives kids something to hold on to. I found a simple one piece pattern on the internet. Cut two pieces the same for front and back. I bought eyes and noses since I was afraid to use buttons. The features could be embroidered if you wanted to. I used my copier to enlarge/reduce the pattern to use with different size scraps. To dress up the bears I put a ribbon bow around the neck and tacked it several places to keep it in place.

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By Isobel Gregory 18 6 09/03/2012

I use mine for making rag rug pictures.

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