Name Tags for 40th High School Reunion


I am getting ready for my 40th year high school class reunion. Does anyone have any ideas for different or unique name tags?
Irene from Alabama


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By Cat 2 7 02/03/2005

We used copies of senior pictures from the yearbook on our nametags. Spouses/partners got a nametag of that photo of the the classmate reading " I'm with...." and then their name. It worked great !

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By Ginny (Guest Post) 02/03/2005

We had pins made up of our old school pin and put the pictures from the year book on them for the alumni....

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By Suzie (Guest Post) 02/04/2005

You could go to the website http://www.infoplease.com and punch in the year you're interested in and look at all the events and popular items of that year. Pick one and make the nametags in that shape/image/style. Good luck!

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By Susan Sanders-Kinzel 9 2,498 02/04/2005

I think the picture idea is a good one. We used that at our reunion and it was always fun to be able to look at the picture and remember who that person was. People can change so much over the years. With scanners and copiers, you no longer have to cut up a year book to do it.
Susan from ThriftyFun

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By Julie 7 37 02/04/2005

How about putting the name on the name tag and underneath "ASK ME ABOUT....." and an event or occasion in that persons life following high school.

For Example


"Ask me about.....THE JOB IN THE SHOE SHOP"

It could be a good way to get people talking and rekindle old friendships. (Hope it goes OK!!)

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By Susan Sanders-Kinzel 9 2,498 02/05/2005

Name tags for the reunion could be made by copying pictures from the original yearbook onto name tags showing both the maiden name and married name of females. Since many of the original graduates may have moved away and not stayed in touch they may not be familiar with married names of some of their former classmates.

Lucille Gifford

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By LindaLee (Guest Post) 03/10/2005

When I have attended h.s reunions, the organizer made copies of our year book pictures, with our name typed on them.
Utitlize school colors? Try google.com for ideas for class reunions. Try classmates.com and put it out there on that site.
Good luck . Our organizer is about to go nuts, for this is the 4th one she has worked on , and found that the response is slow. Many don;t seem to want to reply until the last minute; some complain about the cost.... Remember, you can;t please everyone, do your best , and just make sure the booze and music flow. Also photogs... maybe one from the highschool ? If you need some support or need to pick a brain, please contact me @: LLaw514393 @ aol.com (remove spaces) I'm from Long Island, NY and will be attending ours in October.

p.s I hear valium works wonders for keeping things in perspective lol

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By (Guest Post) 03/12/2005

We made up name tags with photos from the yearbook but, instead of giving them out to the owner, we put them in little envelopes and handed them out randomly. After everyone arrived, we told them to open their envelopes and find the person whose name tag they had. It was a great ice breaker!!

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By Carrie Anderson (Guest Post) 08/10/2005

Help! Overbooked and exhausted, my reunion is this saturday and I am out of time. I am supposed to be COOL and able to do the "simple" name tags, but between my computer crashing to lightening stricks and my step-dad having 3 strokes since LAST saturday and my entire family leaving on an 8 day cruise in the wee hours after the reunion is over for HAWAII. HELP.. I cannot find a template for these stupid (did I say stupid?sorry) name tags...how silly is this anyway? I am just going ot buy them and hand write them and be done with it.. NO I WANT THEM NICE, it is our 30th! I want a MUSTANG on them (were the mighty mustangs!) and our school name and date..then names.. at least... anyone have ideas out their? my email is ... mcw4rags @ inland.net (remove spaces) heck just call.. ill be up.. 951-306-8691 thanks! carrie

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By Richmond, Viginia (Guest Post) 03/18/2006

Put a photo from the high school yearbook on the nametags. It will help you identify each other. This is an idea that I'm suggesting for my husband's 40th reunion this year.

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By Scott (Guest Post) 08/23/2006

One other idea - we put the HS photo on both the classmate and their spouse's nametag - that way, people knew who was with who. We put the classmates photos on the right side of the nametag and spouses on the left side. That way, you don't spend time trying to figure out who a spouse is in pictures from the event!

We also only put the first name (in big print) beside the photo. That let us use bigger type than if we'd put the full name. We included the full name in smaller type below (and the classmate's name for spouses). That also aided in identifying people from photos.

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By Barb 1 1 12/04/2006

Hi everyone.. well, I am in charge of making the name tags for everyone in our 20th year graduating class next . My idea is to make buttons (Badge a minit press) and copy pics from the yearbook I will then write their names and a quote ,like, "Look at ME now".. which is also the initials for our school, Morton East! Hope this helps anyone who is also looking for ideas!

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By Margaret (Guest Post) 02/14/2007

For our 25th reunion nametags - instead of a photo of the graduate, I put a yearbook photo of one of our teachers on each, especially the ones who were notably memorable - to spark conversation and recall old times in their class.

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By Ren (Guest Post) 06/27/2007

I am in this boat. Our 20th is coming up and I'm in charge of name tags. We thought using sticky ones would be easiest, but I'm not sure where to go to create them. We want to put the high school pictures on them with their names, so each one will be different. I looked at Avery.com, but that seems a bit limited in options. Anyone have an idea? Please?

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By CKH (Guest Post) 08/25/2007

I went to Office Max and they scanned in our senior pictures (26 pages) for 9 cents a copy. What a deal! Now all I have to do is cut them out and put them on the Name Tags...Don't scan them in yourself...let the store do it!

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By Linda (Guest Post) 03/21/2008

Has anyone used lanyards? or is everyone sticking to stick on labels and pins?

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By donna (Guest Post) 05/16/2008

Irene from alabama

We got a old Student body card made up one with any computer picked through old yearbook pictures from any year we were in school 1965-1967 they look really awesome we put them in a name tag holder this could be a reunion favor.

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By Charlene (Guest Post) 06/26/2008

Posting of 3-21-08. Yes we are using lanyards! Ordered in school colors, the plastic holders hold the senior pictures great. Don't have to stick or pin name tags on clothing. Add's a little "school Spirit" using school colors! Love the lanyard idea!

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By Melody 1 04/10/2010

For those who stated they used pictures on the name tags. So once you scan in the pictures from the yearbook, how to you get them onto the name tag? Is there a template for this, or do you cut and literally paste them onto each name tag? Also, does anyone have any good award suggestions?

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