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How do you make loud shoes quiet?

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This site is great! I have mid-heel shoes with a chunky heel that makes a loud clunk when I walk on hard floors. Is there a way to quiet them down? I tried putting layers of masking tape on the bottom of the heel, but it made the shoes slippery and the tape wore off pretty quickly.



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By Jean (Guest Post)01/26/2008

I've successfully used the 1/4 in thick pads that are used under the bottom of chair legs so floors aren't scratched. The pads don't last forever under chair legs either, but because of wet weather and snow, I have to change monthly if it is a shoe I wear daily. I've not found them in black so I use a permanent black marker to color the edge that is visible.

By taco (Guest Post)08/02/2007

it'd probably wear off fast but isnt hot glue pretty much hot melted rubber? cover your heel with hot glue let it cool.. probably cheaper than goin to a shop..might not do anything though.. i'm too lazy to try things myself.

By bella (Guest Post)08/23/2006

Is there a household item that would make them quieter?

By Mirba (Guest Post)06/27/2006

Did the Shoe Goo work? I really would like to know how to quiet down noisy shoes, we're discouraged to wear noisy shoes at work, and that has severely limited my shoe wardrobe.

By Victoria Stolp10/28/2005

You could paint the bottoms with Shoe Goo or with Gorilla Glue (don't spread all the way to the edges as it expands.)

By Maxine (Guest Post)08/14/2005

Actually, I did try the shoe repair shop. Cost me $25 and they're just as loud! They replaced the hard plastic on the very bottom with what I think is hard rubber. Anyone know where I can get the right kind of soft rubber to glue on myself?

By Carol Tewksbury (Guest Post)08/14/2005

Head to the shoe repair shop. They can put heel plates in heavy duty rubber on for you. Quiets the shoes right down.

By Dawn [3]08/13/2005

Would there be a way you could find a cobbler to but some rubber on the bottom? Or hot glue some on yourself?

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