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LiveUpdate Failure on Computer


Any computer geniuses out there? I need help! My computer is Windows Vista, my security is Norton 360. My LiveUpdate keeps saying, "LiveUpdate failed: Could not connect to the LiveUpdate server" (no error numbers, just the message). The automatic update feature is set to ON. Security is ON and says I'm protected, everything is up to date, no viruses or spyware detected.

According to the update history, updates are still being applied. Hewlett-Packard suggested I uninstall and reinstall the security system. I did that, it didn't help. The instructions on the Norton web didn't help either. The only thing that works is to turn everything off then reboot -- this is becoming annoying!

Anybody know what's wrong? A search of the web shows this is a pretty common problem but no one seems to have an answer. Is this really important or can I overlook it? A lot of my friends say they have this problem too, and they just ignore it. I am not computer smart, please help!

Curious Cat from South Norfolk, VA



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By (Guest Post) 10/31/2007 Flag

This is why I don't use any computer running a Microsoft operating system. And many computer experts will agree.

I have heard that Vista is nothing but problems. I would call Microsoft directly over and over again until they can get it resolved.


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By Liz (Guest Post) 10/31/2007 Flag

I have had the same problem. I also was getting a lot of messages telling me my programs quit working and will be notified if a solution was available. I ended up completely uninstalling Norton anti-virus and using Avast anti-virus. When I quit using Norton and uninstalled McAffe Site safe program all my problems went away. I hope this helps.

Liz from Alabama

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By wm (Guest Post) 10/31/2007 Flag

Vista does this a lot! Ask your carrier to do a remote repair.

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By wm (Guest Post) 10/31/2007 Flag

If you have ie they can do a remote repair.

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By Carolyn C. Cooke 19 222 11/01/2007 Flag

If the ideas above don't work, access on the Internet. After reading the newsletter (published free every day!) and enjoying the contents, write him with your question. Good idea to subscribe, aside from the help. If he can't answer your question, no one can. If he doesn't print it in a subsequent newsletter, he will e-mail you directly. I have heard from him in as little as two hours. Take away all my files, but leave my Dear Webby alone!!! Cay from FL

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By Jill (Guest Post) 11/02/2007 Flag

If you are using AOL I know what your problem is. AOL knocks you off the Internet constantly which you don't realize until you try to download or go to an interavtive page. In order to led the Norton download work you have to redial in to the Internet so the live connection is on again, otherwise Norton can't connect. I just got rid of it too and installed the AVG free antivirus, what a huge improvement! No connection problems at all, it works behind the scenes while I'm online working. AOL icon in the lower right corner on task bar, will have a X through it is it isn't connected live. :>) Jill

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By Lori (Guest Post) 11/04/2007 Flag

I also have had problems in the past with Norton and Windows. They just aren't really compatible. I solved my problem by turning off all of the Windows Security options, even the firewall if you have a firewall through Norton. My experience has been when you try to run more than one kind of security suite the programs will interfere with each other not allowing the other to run properly. Hope this helps.

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By Karthik (Guest Post) 11/08/2007 Flag

The informations in this page is very helpful and valuable to me and it helped me in resolving my issue. Good job. Keep working. All the best.

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