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ProActiv Stopped Working for Me

I'm only 13 and I have horrible acne on my forehead. I do use ProActiv. I've used to for about 5 months. Now, it doesn't seem to clear up my face anymore. I don't want to go back to school with a forehead corvered in bumps. Is there anything out there that will help my acne go away fast?

Deanna from Burke, VA

Recent Answers

By JG (Guest Post)09/11/2008

When creams are used for a long period of time, skin gets used to it and it seems you don't get benefits anymore. Try to change a brand. Also pay attention to what you eat, sometimes salt, black pepper, mayo, ketchup and too much milk products can cause acne (don't cut milk totally - it gives you Calcium!) Try at least one week to eat "right" food and you will see difference. Good luck!

By Helen (Guest Post)08/13/2008

Try Melaluca's zap-it skin care range. I have 2 teenagers who use this regularly you can see an improvement within 2 days of correct use. I have suffered from blemishes for years, and have tried various different treatments and I can honestly say this is the best by far.

By samson (Guest Post)07/30/2008

If u have blackheads or non inflammed acne you should try skin peel 4000, heres their site, Proactive also stopped working for me and I've been using it for just over 7 months, it cleared up my big bumps but now they are slowly coming back, I use the proactive regimen only at night because if I use it during the day I get dry, and if any of you are looking for a good moisturizer i would have to say cetaphil moisturizing lotion is the best rated anywhere. This is used widely among many people and it's pretty cheap.

By (Guest Post)10/13/2007

I just turned 25 and my skin has been "acting up" for the last couple years I used proactive for around 8 years and it stopped working and now I don't know what to do so I have not been using anything at all on my face, and have just been using the cleanser. I am allergic to wheat and have three cats and wonder if this has a lot to do with it. I do some modeling and am worried I will have to quit. I also am getting older and would like to be able to use a good moisturizer to prevent wrinkles but they make me break out more. Please help.

By Bri (Guest Post)09/04/2007

I know exactly what you are going through. I actually used Proactiv for 4 years and it seemed to not work as well for me after awhile. I switched to Clinique 3 step acne system and it works a little better for now. However you must Drink a lot of water and do not over wash your face. It can make skin irritated and makeup can do the same. Stick to a treatment and do not let your self become too stressed over this. Be cautious of what you put on your face and I swear DRINK A TON OF WATER! Good Luck!

By Trish09/02/2007

Try the Dr. Hauschka Range:
For starters, check out their 'Daily Face Care Kit for Oily Skin'. I don't have the same skin type as you, but I've heard lots of good reviews about it!

Check out their online site at:

Or check out their great reviews at:

I hope this works out for you!
Or you could just buy their 'Clarifying Toner' - if you don't want to spend money on a whole kit - it doesn't seem to be on the site, but if you like, just search around on the net for a site that sells it - or check out E-Bay for cheaper prices! This toner is aimed for your skin type and apparently is pretty good.

By Leopard Woman (Guest Post)06/09/2007

I never had any type of skin problems or acne issues until my late twenties, I started using Proactiv about 7 years ago- I was astonished- now I am in my mid- thrities-still working????? Not so much. Infact, the acne seems to be steadily becoming as bad as it used to be! Tried Retina A- Tetracycline- Liquid Erythamyacin-etc- Any one out there have any recent success with a new skin care line? Thanks! Like my Mom always said-"I gotta face for radio".

By Holly (Guest Post)08/22/2006

Try the Serious Skin Care line from
Just make sure you get the one for acne in teens and not any of their other offerings!

A few of their items are available at the cosmetics store, Ulta 3

By Victoria R. (Guest Post)08/21/2006 ... PAGETYPE=ART&REFER=SKIN&ID=6

In addition to Paula Begoun's products which are reasonably priced, you can use Cetaphil Cleanser for Oily Skin & Phisoderm Cleanser for acne, witch hazel as an astringent, milk of magnesia as a face mask to absorb excess oil & Stridex extra strength medicated pads (ALCOHOL-FREE...alcohol makes your skin produce more oil because it is very drying). If possible, try Accutane, it did the trick for me. Ever since I took that my acne is basically gone. Good luck!

By (Guest Post)08/21/2006

Drink lots of water, eat fresh fruit and vegetables - in the long term. In the short term try dabbing the pimples with straight tea tree oil - it is an antibacterial natural oil that can really help. My son uses products that I bought from a health food store in Australia called Bio S - gel, and Bio S - (skin supplement that you take twice daily), his skin was very bad and in just over a week I noticed a big improvement - it is cheaper than Proactive and for my son has worked much better and is a 'natural' product.

By Annie Rios Hill [12]08/21/2006

My son had problems with acne and used ProActiv for a while then quit and acne came back. So I got
him a generic bottle of Maalox (for stomach problems) and he applied to his face let dry and rinsed off. His face cleared in a few days he uses
this method daily. Good luck.

By Rebecca (Guest Post)08/21/2006

I've found that alternating from something that uses benzol peroxide(like Proactiv) to something that uses salicylic acid every other day seems to help. Also making sure I wash my face morning and evening. The acnefree spot treatment the earlier poster mentioned helps too!

By JaniceT (Guest Post)08/21/2006

I read that if you put toothpaste on your bumps it will dry them up. You have to use the paste. My son used it once but didn't give it a chance. Dab it on before you go to bed and wash it off in the morning. Hope it works for you.

By Lynda (Guest Post)08/21/2006

My personal teen experience was way before ProActive availability. I learned that most pimples lead to acne if left untreated. I also learned that two things often cause them.

First, know that the natural oils of our skin are designed to protect us from invasion of most common bacteria and virus. If that oil is washed away with strong soap and/or hot water, the skin becomes vulnerable to everything that touches it because all things have bacteria on it, especially hands/nails, dirty pillows, dirty face cloths, dirty hair/brushes, dirty linens, dirty bar soap, contaminated make-up base or brushes/applicators, etc., I have found that if I have infected pimples, I use CREAM Neosporin until well, applied with a CLEAN Q-tip, then when skin is well use only a scrubbing glove every few days, and no soap, rinsing with warm water on a WHITE face cloth that is bleachable each morning, and using only a CLEAN q-tip to apply VERY light makeup base and a dab of cheek color is the absolute BEST formula to keeping skin well.

If one has been in the dust of a field, road, cleaning process, the dust will most certainly cling to the skin. If there is no protection, natural or added cream, the bacteria and dust mites in the dust will have a field day producing first pimples, then if untreated or OVER treated/squeezed, will result in acne/infection.

If a pimple comes to a head, use sanitized fingers and two layers of tissue to gently squeeze anything that will come out easily onto the tissue, tossing immediately since the infection is contaminated and contageous, then always using fresh tissue should there be another. BUT, investigate your actions and the cleanliness of whatever has touched your skin in the past 24 hours. Even a car seat is FULL of dust mites and bacteria. If one has long hair, there is more surface on the long hair to catch more dust mites and bacteria from whatever. Should a pet lick your face/skin, suspect possible contamination since they have different chemistry from humans who are NOT animals, and are not as susceptible to the same sorts of infections each time that affect humans so quickly and severely.

Handle every item that touches the face as if it must be almost sterile, even if it's a baby's hand or loved one who touches it, UNLESS you have learned to allow your own natural skin oils to protect you. Most of us become panic ridden OVERWASHING, using HOT water to bathe(should be only slightly hot and NOT on the face which has a different numbers of layers to it's skin).

I learned that the simpler lotions WITHOUT Mineral oils and lots of chemicals is the best, using the least OILY, even using Cream Rinses for Hair work well to protect IMMEDIATELY AFTER DRYING WITH A BLOW DRYER WHEN FRESH OUT OF THE BATH WATER to prevent any fungus from forming under the cream or lotion. The blow dryer on cold is a MUST. Most overthecounter items are not only overrated, overpriced, and unnecessary, they simply don't work without this info and practice.

Yes, I have Cosmetologist license and near perfect facial skin, but that has not always been the case. I came full circle with everything known to mankind, even unknown items I "experimented out of desparation" with when there was little information available to the general public other than Calamine Lotion and Witch Hazel!! lol

Recap: NEVER use soaps, astringents, moisturizers, heavy/oily creams, or Mineral oil on your face. Mineral Oil makes pores VERY LARGE and permanently. All the rest destroy the natural bacterial barrier from your own oils. How do you keep your own body producing the oils regularly? Simple activity, not sitting a lot. Good healthful foods with the better oils like olive, palm, and peanut oils. NOT foods likely fried, especially if in shortening/lards. Choose wisely, fresh or frozen, grilled or baked, and only small amounts of fruit sugars, chocolates, desserts, and caffeine. You can read and re-read this until it becomes second nature. Should you have tight pores, dry skin, that's another matter even MORE important to care for, especially in what you eat and apply to it. Most folks have a combination skin, some dry, some oily. Don't fret which. Just use this common sense approach and moderation in all things! Good luck and God bless.

By carla bledsoe (Guest Post)08/21/2006

there are so many things that can aggravate acne that its hard to find the right thing just for you.
do you wear bangs? is your shampoo leaving a residue that is getting on your forhead? try rinsing your hair with a vinegar and water rinse.
sometimes your digestive tract has as much to do with your skin as what goes on it. have you tried probiotics? do you have food allergies? do you eat a balanced diet and get enough rest? stress makes you sweat and produce more oil. exercise helps lower the amount of horomones causing problems.
so my greatest suggestion is to eat right , get enough sleep and when you get stressed go out and play hard and get enough exercise. keep your skin clean but don't get crazy about it and aggrivate it by cleaning it every two hours!
none of this is probably news to you. but sometimes we all need to be reminded. your skin is just another organ of the body. if the whole body is healthy so is the skin. good luck and it will get better.

By susan [5]08/21/2006

Unfortunately acne is caused by a hormonal imbalance that causes your oil glands to work overtime. There is no way to just turn them off. I find that when I get lax with my proactive regimine, I get more breakouts too. Are you using the toner religiously? This is where I get into trouble, if I neglect it, I get more breakouts. At Wal-Marts and several other stores is something similar to Proactive called AcneFree. They have a small tube that you buy separately that is a medicated spot treatment called Acne & Blackhead Terminator. I use it at night on my breakouts and sometimes on my especially oily spots in conjunction with Proactive. It seems to help.

By Linda (Guest Post)08/21/2006

There are many prescription treatments for acne. You need to have your parent take you to a dermatologist.

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